How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You

If you’re curious about whether or if a coworker has romantic feelings for you, all you have to do is recognize the indicators of office flirting. Are you going to return the favor or ignore the advances?

Work relationships develop organically over time. Your interactions with these folks may even exceed those with your loved ones. Why then wouldn’t you want to get to know them? Flirting at work is a common occurrence, and knowing the telltale signals can help you determine if they’re just being pleasant or if they want something more.

Warning signals of office romance:

Meeting someone’s coworkers can lead to more than just a platonic friendship. It’s often simpler to spot a flirt outside of the professional setting. However, there are unwritten regulations in the workplace. Avoiding inappropriate relationships with coworkers is one such rule.

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You
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I understand why those regulations exist, but we’re still human beings. People make great efforts to disguise their true feelings and emotions from coworkers they have romantic interest in while at work.

That’s frustrating, especially if you’re into them, too. It’s natural that you’d like to be conscious of the clues, since this could be your chance to connect with the person you care about. You won’t have to spend as much time trying to figure out what’s going on.

You can move on if you determine they are not interested in flirting with you. As an added bonus, it’s fantastic news if they’re flirting with you. You’ve reached a point where progress is possible. You shouldn’t date coworkers, I get it, but hey, you only have one shot at life. By all means, jump in if you’re willing to cope with the consequences if things don’t work out. We can’t predict what will happen.

1. It’s obvious. 

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You
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What can I say, trust your gut feeling. It’s possible for your instincts to lead you astray, but that rarely happens. It’s likely that your gut instinct about that coworker being a flirt is correct. The remaining indicators will, of course, aid in making a final choice. Even though they’re married, it’s important to remember that married people flirt too.

2. Insignificant details. 

They might accidentally bump into you, or they might be reaching for something else. Given that they are a coworker, you may rest assured that they will not be overt in their behavior. People may pat you on the shoulder, rub up against you, or touch your arm. However, they wouldn’t touch you unless they wanted to have some kind of conversation with you.

3. Around you, they change their behavior.

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Even if your coworker isn’t overtly flirting with you, they may be doing so behind your back. An individual’s interest in you can be gauged by whether or not they become more talkative, humorous, or nervous in your presence. The fact that they alter their actions the moment they set eyes on you could be an indicator.

4. They never leave and are constantly present. 

They seem to follow you around the office at all times, whether you’re on break or just milling about. Suppose that’s by chance, would you? Unlikely to happen. They are lining up to either collide with you or observe your activities.

5. They have access to your online accounts. 

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The vast majority of our coworkers are also active on social media, therefore this is not an omen. But the fact that they like every single one of your updates should give you pause. Perhaps they will add their two cents. Using social media to ascertain whether or not you’re on someone’s radar is a brilliant idea. They’re interested in you enough to look you up on social media if they do.

6. They can’t wait to see you again!

Even if they aren’t literally bouncing about with delight every time you walk into the office, you can tell that they’re happy to see you every morning. Oh, they’re thrilled to see you again. Your coworker likes you if their face lights up like the sun whenever you chat to them.

7. They’d rather spend time together outside of the office. 

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You
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You two get along great at work, but they want to take things further by spending time together outside of work. They may try to woo you by inviting you out with them on the weekend, such as to a concert or drinks on a Friday night. They would like to develop closer ties with their employer than those of a simple coworker.

8. They give you coffee. 

Obviously, a coworker has a soft spot for you if they remember your preferred coffee order every day. No one bothers to bring a coworker coffee unless there’s a good reason to.

9. They probe you with inquisitive queries into your private life.

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You
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Friendships develop quickly with coworkers, but learning about each other outside of work takes more effort. Even if they do, it’s unlikely that they know anything particularly intimate about you. But if a coworker starts probing you about your personal life, it’s a red flag that they’re sizing you up for a promotion.

10. They are able to recall pivotal dates with ease. 

They will make sure you get a birthday cake and a present at work if it’s your special day. That said, you shouldn’t rely solely on this indicator. It’s useless without the other items on this list. Some folks get a kick out of planning office parties and celebrating a coworker’s birthday.

How to Recognize if Your Coworker is Flirting With You
*Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash

Have your thoughts changed now that you’ve seen these signs of office chemistry? Are they trying to flirt with you at work? I think a better question is, “What are you going to do about it?”

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