How To Snuggle Someone

How To Snuggle Someone

Do you want to learn how to snuggle or hug someone? Get cozy with them in a way that makes them adore you even more right now.

I realize that cuddling feels like one of the most fundamental things when it comes to being with someone. But if you’ve ever done it, it might be uncomfortable. Understanding how to snuggle in a relaxed way for both of you may avoid the awkward aspect.

After some time spent together, you’ll have favorite cuddling positions. However, it can take some experience to locate the ideal snuggle place for you if you’re just dating or hanging out.

Forging an emotional connection and attachment, cuddling is crucial. It functions like an extended hug and releases cortisol, “the feel-good hormone.” However, hugging in an awkward or anxious position can make you sweat and make the situation more awkward.

Stop being so awkward! Enjoy your time in each other’s arms by learning proper cuddling techniques.

Why it’s so crucial to cuddle?

Most healthy partnerships involve some intimacy. That can certainly be sexual, but it isn’t always necessary. Intimacy can be demonstrated by holding hands, playing footsie beneath the table, or putting your arm around her shoulder while you watch a movie.

These seemingly little details matter a lot, even though they are small. They bring you comfort and closeness. You feel secure around them. The importance of having a physical connection cannot be overstated, even if it is something as simple as a girl sitting on a guy’s lap. You become closer both physically and emotionally as a result.

If you are hesitant to cuddle someone, gradually increasing the intensity of your hugging will make your partner feel loved and comforted but also assist in relaxing you. The advantages of snuggling can lessen your tension and worry while also enhancing the depth of your relationship.

How to cuddle a person:

There is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to cuddling. What works for the two of you is everything. Some jobs may be loved by some people, but your current partner may not like them.

Being cuddled is also flexible. You can cuddle in bed before going to sleep, after having sex, or on the couch while watching a movie. You can hug while talking in depth or scrolling through memes on your phone.

There are numerous benefits to cuddling. These suggestions might help you feel more at ease and cozy while easing your spouse or friend into your arms or vice versa.

Start with a basic idea.

There is no requirement that you touch each arm and leg. Cuddling with someone doesn’t require spooning.

You can show that you want this individual to feel close to you by simply putting your arm around them while you’re watching T.V. and letting them lean into your shoulder.

Swap blankets.

Watching a movie on a sofa with a friend can feel awkward. If you are unsure where to begin, you might want to snuggle. A blanket makes an excellent insulator.

Share a throw blanket with your friends. That will inevitably draw you closer together. You can gradually begin to touch this person’s legs or wrap your arm around them.

Ascertain their level of comfort.

I felt like a statue the first time I watched a movie with my lover. I didn’t want to rely on him or appear too at ease too soon. A few moments later, he pulled my legs across his lap and asked whether I was comfortable.

Obviously, he cared about how I felt, but it was also a kind act that prevented a night full of awkward rearrangements.

Take pleasure in it

If you don’t want it to be, cuddling doesn’t have to be this extremely emotional time. You can play around and tickle each other until you find a comfortable posture for both of you.

Be slick

Smoothness is not for everybody. Some people take pleasure in being awkward. If you’re a guy, try tucking her hair behind her ear or complimenting her on the color of her clothing to get her to cuddle.


To cuddle is not to settle into a comfy posture and remain there all day. You can shift places and move about. It’s not always natural or comfortable to do what works best. The world can be awkward at times.

When my boyfriend and I are cuddling and watching a movie, his arm will inevitably fall asleep beneath my neck, forcing him to take it out awkwardly. That’s alright. Occasionally, after spending a lot of time snuggling with him, I’ll check in with him to see how he’s doing and to let him know that I want to make sure he’s as comfortable as I am.

Include a cushion

While it can occasionally be tender and loving, cuddling isn’t all that comfortable. Your body type, current seat, and other factors come into play. As you take a pillow and set it in your lap, ask your spouse if they would like to lay their head down.

Make time for a snack.

Snacks and cuddling don’t have to be incompatible. Grab some ice cream or a bowl of popcorn. You need to be very close for your spouse to get to it if you’re holding it and sharing it.

Smell good

Don’t forget the deodorant since no matter how you cuddle; you’ll be close enough to smell each other. Apply some perfume or cologne. To create the right atmosphere, consider lighting a fragrant candle. The smell has a significant impact on mood. A perfectly good occasion can be ruined by bad breath or B.O.

Be yourself

Yes, there is a certain amount of awkwardness involved in cuddling. Allow things to happen naturally and avoid pushing them. Change your seating position if it doesn’t seem right. Follow your gut at the time. Ask them directly whether they would like to sit closer.

It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to snuggle someone comfortably for you. As long as you and the person you are cuddling are having fun, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

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