How To Take Your Sexual Flirting To The Next Level

You’ve recently met someone new, and instant attraction sparks within you. How can you tell the difference between harmless flirting and sexual teasing?

It’s unlike any other emotion. It’s a seductively novel sensation, but it completely dominates your thoughts and leaves you little mental bandwidth for anything else. I’m referring, of course, to sexual teasing and that feeling when you get really into something and you just want to eat it all up. You’re into them, and you can tell they’re into you because of how they’re flirting back at you.

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One of the nicest feelings during the beginning of a relationship is the development of sexual tension, which can also occur between people who aren’t romantically involved. So this is how it all starts, with a hookup!

No of your relationship status, sexual flirtation is always a good time and may make the big reveal that much more exciting. But what is sexual flirtation, and how is it different from just saying “I like you”?

What exactly is sexual flirting?

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There is a significant distinction between “I like you” and “I want you” when it comes to sexual flirtation. It’s possible to have affection for someone and curiosity about them simultaneously as longing for a more intimate connection. It’s not necessary to desire to get to know someone if you want them. Consider the online dating service Tinder, where much of the “flirting” is explicitly sexual in nature.

Here are some of the characteristics of sexual flirting if you’re not sure how to go about it and want to let the person you’re seeing know that you’re feeling a little… frisky?

Techniques for flirting sexually:

Try them out, okay?

1. A flirtatious smile and direct gaze. 

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Everyone has witnessed this, and many of us have participated in it unwittingly. Catching his or her gaze, looking away for a second, and then returning it with a sly smile is the first rule of sexual flirting. Extra points are awarded for intense sexual flirtation if you also bite your finger or sip from a straw.

2. Using some slightly risqué language. 

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When experimenting with sexual flirting, it’s best to avoid using nasty words and focus on naughty discourse instead. Talking trash is for after the fact, not before.

Again, subtlety is key; say something like, “I’m sorry I can’t help but gaze at your biceps,” cover your eyes playfully, and then remark, “Oh, I can’t believe I just said that.” This will prevent any suspicion of sexual harassment and give you an air of innocence. They’re left wondering, “Did they really just say that?” when you utilize sexual innuendos, which makes for great sexual flirting. Or, am I making this up?’ keeps the game going back and forth.

3. Enter their territory. 

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Regular flirting often includes mild touching, such as caressing someone’s arm when you laugh or giving them a playful shove, but sexual flirtation takes things to the next level. Now, tread carefully; you want to invade space, not their privacy.

What I mean is to get near enough to them so they can feel your breath on their face. Just a moment longer than required was spent brushing across their skin. All of these are light sexual flirting indications, but they should still make them wonder, “Hmm, there are signals heading my way here.”

4. Be provocative with your compliments. 

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Include a touch of suggestion if you’re going to complement them on any portion of their physique. You wouldn’t try out sexual flirting by, say, saying, “Oh, I love your eye color” since that’s generic flirtation, which is cute but not hot. Choose an area of the body that is accessible and not too far apart from the action. You can’t go wrong with “you know, you have great legs.” The legs themselves aren’t objectionable, but they do point to a very sexy location.

5. Just lightly touch their hand.

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I know what I’m about to say sounds absurd, but bear with me. Make careless circles on their palm as you sit together in public. It’s a great experience, and it sends the right amount of subtle clues for them to figure out what you’re thinking. It’s not a full-on PDA, so no one else will feel weird about it, but you and your partner will understand the general direction of things.

You may rest assured that all your efforts will bear fruit once you find the right person with whom to engage in sexual flirtation.

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