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How To Tell If Your First Date Is A Success

How To Tell If Your First Date Is A Success

First dates are terrifying, whether you’re a seasoned dater or not. You’re not sure what to say, and you’re afraid of making a bad impression. What if everything goes horribly wrong and awkwardly? On the other hand, some people ask how to know if a first date was a success.

Dating can be fraught with awkward silences and second thoughts. Learning the indicators that the first date went well can help you avoid fretting over nothing!

How did you find the date?

In a moment, we’ll go through all the signals that the first date went well. But, before we get there, we’d like you to take a moment to reflect on how the date went for you.

We are often so worried about whether or not the date went well for the other person that we lose sight of how we feel. Is this individual even appealing to you? Did you have a good time on your date?

We desire approval and don’t want to be rejected so strongly that we sometimes prioritize that over our own sentiments. If you didn’t think the date went well, don’t be too concerned. Don’t dwell on it too much. Time will determine what happens next.

And, if you thought it went well, that’s fantastic. Again, it was most likely mutual. But let’s be sure by studying the indicators of a successful first date.

How to Tell if a First Date Was a Success – The Invisible Signs to Look For

We overanalyze the first dates. So, rather than providing you with a slew of minor minutiae to be concerned about, here are a few indicators that the first date went well.

If you think about these indications rather than overanalyzing what they say, you’ll have your answer in no time.

If you’re going on a first date, know how to judge whether or not the date was a success ahead of time. When you get home, you won’t be able to stop studying everything. It also relaxes you during the date.

1. You immediately felt at ease.

Your subconscious is not a moron. Make sure you pay attention! If you felt immediate ease and your guard soon lowered, the date most likely went well.

Your intuition will quickly detect anything that isn’t quite right. You’ll have a sense that something isn’t quite right.

You may get an excellent sense of how the date is going by listening to yourself. If the date went poorly, you’d probably know about it by how you feel in your belly. However, if you felt at ease and not at all uneasy, you were most likely on a successful first date!

2. You were always laughing and smiling, and it wasn’t forced.

Nobody grins and smiles all the time unless there’s a reason! When you look back on your date and remember having a face ache from smiling, you know it was a success!

You’re having a fantastic time if your date is constantly laughing and smiling. The likelihood of a second date is strong.

3. You recall the date and immediately smile.

When you recall the date, you begin to smile uncontrollably, and butterflies erupt in your tummy. You had a nice date and will most likely go on another one soon!

4. Your date was always polite and considerate.

A good first date isn’t necessarily about how it felt or whether or not there will be a second one. How was your date’s treatment of you?

You had a terrific first outing if they were respectful and kind. Even if it doesn’t lead to a repeat performance, you had a fantastic time.

5. The conversation flowed freely.

If the conversation flowed, that is one of the most telling signals of how to tell if a first date went well. You had a wonderful time if you don’t remember many awkward silences!

When you are at ease with someone, the conversation flows. If you felt at ease, you had a successful first date.

6. You did not feel compelled to check your phone.

When we are embarrassed or bored, most of us go for our phones and begin checking for messages and scrolling through social media. It would be a good sign if you didn’t grab your phone even once.

Of course, this applies both ways, so neither you nor your date should have been looking at theirs. It’s a good sign that none of you felt compelled to check what was going on on Facebook!

7. Your pre-date jitters dissipated immediately.

In some respects, this is related to point number one. You had a nice date if you didn’t feel worried or anxious. Similarly, you shouldn’t have been nervous after the date; overthinking whether or not a date went well is a clue that it didn’t.

Afterward, you should feel peaceful and as if you’re floating on air, which is one of the signals that your first date went well.

8. The date went longer than you anticipated.

One obvious sign of a successful first date is that it lasted longer than you expected!

Nobody wants to waste time in a dating environment that makes them feel awkward or uncomfortable or with someone they don’t really connect with. If the date lasted longer, it indicates that your date enjoyed spending time with you.

9. Your date discussed their personal life.

In general, we don’t discuss our personal lives, families, and friends with people we don’t like or trust.

If your date was talking about their lives and mentioned names of people close to them, you can almost assure that your date was a success!

10. You’ve got a “us” joke.

If you have a joke name by the conclusion of the date, for example, after revealing something humorous about your life, or if you have an ‘in’ or ‘us’ joke, you’re in good company! This is a strong indication that a second date is on the horizon.

What happens next?

How long have you been apart? Prior to the follow-up a few decades ago, three days was the standard, but now it’s all about instant gratification. If your date contacted you within 24 hours of the date, everything went smoothly. They’ve undoubtedly been itching to make new plans.

They may have excellent self-control or be extremely busy if they wait longer, but if the first date went well, they would usually let you know right away. If you’re unsure, reach out on your own for a follow-up.

However, by understanding these signals that the first date went well, you will be less worried and less likely to overanalyze. What it will be, it will be!

Knowing how to detect if your date went well is enough to make your hair stand on end! Don’t overthink anything since it will only make you nervous. Stick to these indicators to determine whether or not a first date went well, and you’ll know for sure!

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