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How to tell if your partner has mental health issues

How do you know if your partner is suffering from mental health issues when they haven’t told you about them? If you suspect that your partner has unresolved mental health concerns, here are some of the most common indicators:

1. Withdrawal From Others Or Isolation

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Keep an eye on your partner if they’ve recently been extremely aloof from you and other people in their life, even if they’re normally very extroverted. To thrive, people require social interaction and a sense of connection and community. Interacting with people provides this. Depression and many other mental health issues are characterized by a strong desire to isolate oneself and a lack of open communication with others.

2. Significant Shifts in Emotion

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No one is immune to mood swings. One day we may be ecstatic, but on the next, we may be depressed as well. However, most of the time, it’s in response to certain life events. Your companion may be suffering from mental health concerns, such as irritation or an increase in energy that changes to depression, apathy and low motivation and interest in activities. These emotional shifts are even more severe if your partner’s typical conduct is disrupted by these changes.

3. Functioning Modifications

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Social, vocational, and emotional states are all affected by mental health issues. Because of this, if you see a decline in the quality of your partner’s work performance or a lack of interest in basic self-care, this could be a clue that your partner is dealing with mental health concerns.

4. Addictions Of Any Kind

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Even if your partner isn’t addicted to anything—whether it’s drinking, gambling, or even excessive technology use—it could be an indication that something more serious is going on. There are several ways people might deal with mental health difficulties, and some opt to use different coping techniques instead of addressing them.

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