How To Text Fun and Make Them Laugh

How To Text Fun and Make Them Laugh

You’ve undoubtedly wondered how to text fun messages and make the one you’re texting laugh. Get good at it, and you can spend all day laughing into your phone.

Everyone enjoys sending and receiving text messages, whether through traditional short message service (SMS) or a social media or messaging app. In order to kill time and, more often than not, engage in in-depth discussions about a wide range of topics, we frequently engage in lengthy chats with our loved ones. Have you ever wished you knew the secret to become the type of person everyone loves to text with?

However, humorous text messages top them all. These have the potential to make you laugh out loud in the middle of a grocery store, leave you gasping for air from laughter, and inject some much-needed joy into an otherwise dreary day.

You should educate yourself in the art of entertaining texting. Some people seem to have an innate talent for keeping talks light and airy rather than emotional and weighty; others, however, need to put in a little extra effort and avoid certain topics. There needs to be more optimism in the world; no one wants to read a long text message or article in which the author merely lists their feelings and complaints.

This guide will teach you all you need to know to become a skilled and entertaining texter.

Be communicative in your texting.

A good rule of thumb is to text as if you were actually talking to the person. Assuming your interlocutor knows you well, they’ll feel as though you’re right there with them, which will make anything you say that much more hilarious.

Be sure to use proper punctuation.

You could be going for a conversational tone, but the other person doesn’t have time to read your message four times to figure out where the comma should go.

Use amusing GIFs in your communication.

I think a GIF is great and so do all of my friends. You may become the cool texter you always imagined yourself to be by strategically inserting relevant GIFs into your discussions at just the right moments. For the right person, a well-timed GIF can be all it takes to elicit a hearty guffaw. For this, I suggest using animated GIFs depicting popular culture references.

Become a meme guru and impress your friends.

Memes, like GIFs, may make your friends and family literally cry with laughter (in a good way) when you send them a text message at just the right time. One of the keys to being a hilarious texter is knowing when to send a joke to your friend; for example, if you and your friend had a conversation the day before about a particular situation, and you then see a meme that links to it, send it to your friend without any explanation; they will definitely get the joke and laugh.

The use of sarcasm is certain to win over an audience.

I find sarcasm hilarious, possibly more so than any other form of humor. You should be sure that both you and the person you are texting are well-known to each other. That ensures that your sarcasm will be understood without coming off as overly harsh or unpleasant in its target language.

Think of clever one-liners and send them out through the mail.

Is there anything more hilarious than a well-timed one-liner? If you become the person in your group chat who frequently sends these hilarious one-liners, you can’t claim to have never learned how to be an entertaining texter.

Do not send lengthy messages.

Comments that are meant to be humorous should not be explained away lest the recipient ends up saying, “I don’t understand what that text means,” which is never fun. Therefore, if you’re trying to be hilarious via text, keep your messages brief and focus on succinct, witty quips rather than lengthy explanations that defeat the purpose.

As with any attempt at humor, trying too hard ruins the effect.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to be witty in every text you send. In a group chat with friends or coworkers, for example, if you’re continuously attempting to pull out a clever remark, no one is going to take you seriously. Make sure you can conduct a natural conversation within a text and that you know how to time your comments for maximum impact.

Timing, familiarity with the recipient(s), and an awareness that you can be too humorous all at once are the keys to becoming a fun texter. Start by avoiding the use of “lol” and focusing on GIFs and memes that are actually funny to you and that link to inside jokes you share with your pals. Gaining assurance in your abilities in this way is the first step toward delivering cutting one-liners and scathing wit.

You may learn to be a fun texter by following these simple guidelines: keep it light, keep it brief, don’t be offensive, and know when to be serious. If you can lighten the atmosphere in a group chat with a witty quip or a humorous GIF, you’ll quickly become known as “the funny one.”

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