How To Tongue Kiss Your Date

How To Tongue Kiss Your Date Seductively In Seconds

A first kiss might mark the beginning of something fresh or the end of a disastrous first date. Here are some ways to impress your date with a tongue kiss.

That Kiss!

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Every couple in the early stages of dating appreciates this. Finally, the moment of anticipation, excitement, and thrill that everyone has been waiting for but few expected. The instantaneous bond formed when two worlds meet in one another’s mouths. 

Your partner’s lips part slightly as the temperature rises, and you take this as your cue to tickle her with your tongue; at this point, she recoils in disgust and steps away, mainly because you can’t even attempt a tongue kiss.

Lip kisses are romantic and intimate, but a tongue kiss is the ultimate in sensuality.

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What this means is a French kiss. But if you mess up the tongue kiss, your partner will feel it all the way down their spine. The kiss on the tongue is so simple that even a child might mess it up.

The proper way to kiss with your tongue:

Cast your gaze sideways. Nothing says “novice,” “first timer,” or “terrible” like a person who kisses with their head rigidly straight and upright while pouting their lips for the kiss.

It’s not only rude and unromantic, but also dangerous because of the risk of bumping your partner’s nose and head. So at the moment, examine where your partner leans and tilt your head to the opposite for the proper position.

Close your eyes. Kissing with your eyes open not only looks fake, but also feels strange. You should close your eyes and let your other senses guide you through the kiss. In addition, it adds a sexy new dimension to the romance. So, before making physical contact, focus on the present by closing your eyes, trusting your other senses, and letting go of all inhibitions.

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Hold off till it’s the proper time. Find out if your potential spouse prefers a quick smack on the lips or a passionate French kiss. The best tongue kisses ease into it, kissing without using the tongue at first. When you go on a date for the first time, it is customary to do this.

Dart your tongue, spread your lips wider, and lightly brush your partner’s lower lip to see what happens. If your companion opens her mouth more in response, you should do the same.

Do not clench your teeth; keep your lips loose and calm. Remember that even when puckered, your lips should be slightly open and untense. A stiff pucker is weird if you’re not kissing your granny. Simply puckering your lips and opening your mouth slightly will take your kiss to the next level.

The whole thing revolves around tension. Make sure your lips are only skimming your partner’s at first. This increases the level of excitement. Think about this, too, once you start using your tongue. Don’t be an awkward fish and let your tongue swim aimlessly around her mouth.

Proceed cautiously. Take things slowly, even if you manage to successfully slip your tongue into her mouth for some passionate kissing. On the other hand, you’re not going anywhere, unless you count her underwear as a destination. So, relax, enjoy the moment, and show some romantic gestures.

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It would be amazing with some tongue. Which begs the question, how much tongue is ideal? When kissing your date, watch how much tongue you use. It only takes a little too much attention from you, no matter how subtly done, to turn her off. Use your date’s body language as an indicator of how much and how far you should go.

Tease. Get your lover really worked up about your planned tongue kissing session by playing jokes on them and turning up the heat. Try to tease her in between kisses, or better yet, let your tongue do the work. Lightly brush your tongue against hers or softly suck on her tongue. To avoid carelessness, proceed slowly and gently.

Explore. You and your partner have dived headfirst into the world of tongue kissing, and it seems to be going well. Now take time to explore with your tongue. Slip your tongue into her mouth and sensually slide it around within her mouth. Move your tongue over or below your partner’s as a subtle way to play and tease her. It’s nice that she seems to enjoy it just as much as you do because she’s showing that she enjoys it by replicating your actions.

Get your body into it. Now that your lips and tongue are doing their jobs properly, you shouldn’t just let your hands hang limp. Making use of your sense of touch by caressing and touching your partner can elevate the entire encounter. Just remember to be nice at all times, especially during the first kiss, and pay attention to her signs to determine how far you should go with your hands.

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You can show your affection by caressing her face, neck, sides, arms, and shoulders, or you can just give her a passionate hug.

Make use of these tips as a starting point for developing your own signature approach to perfecting the art of the tongue kiss. Therefore, you might need to practice tongue kissing a few more times before you can French kiss without feeling awkward.

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