BEST Ideas for Day Dates

30 BEST Ideas for Day Dates That Will Shake Things Up

When it comes to dating, new places and unusual activities are always best. Here are some ideas for day dates that will stand out and keep things interesting.

With each passing day, we realize that evening dates have too many negatives to be worth the effort. After the sun goes dark, it’s easy to get fatigued and run out of options if you go out for more than just dinner and drinks. 

Dates throughout the daytime are simply more convenient. All of us are feeling better, there are more things to do, and the atmosphere is more relaxed. They’re also usually less expensive.

Here are some ideas for day dates when the sun comes out throughout the day.

1. Visit a Neighborhood Bookstore

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Perusing the shelves of your favorite little bookstore is both casual and intimate. Discuss your favorite books and writers with a date over a book, and then pick out something to read together.

2. Check out the exhibits at a Museum

Ask your date to go with you to an exhibit they’ve been dying to see, and then spend some time together going through it. The choice is yours: You can speak, or you can remain mute; you don’t even have to try to see everything.

3. Explore the Locality

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In a large metropolis, there’s likely a neighborhood you’ve never heard of. Explore the area with your date by finding a fun restaurant, a nearby park, or an interesting monument.

4. Take a Kayak Trip

It’s possible to go kayaking alone or with a companion. Make the most of a beautiful day by taking to the water.

5. Take a stroll through a local farmers’ market.

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This night was a cinch to put together thanks to the simple pleasures of eating, conversation, and people-watching. If you’re going to cook a meal out of your windfall, that’s an added bonus.

6. Take a trip to the bowling alley.

If you’ve never bowled before, how long has it been since you did? Let loose with this vintage activity that’s as much about talking as it is about the sport, and dust off your abilities in the process!

7. Make a Hiking Schedule

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Hiking can be tough or leisurely depending on the group’s degree of enthusiasm. Consider the view from the top while selecting a vantage point.

8. Play a round of Miniature Golf

Whoever wins will be in charge of setting up the next date.

9. Consider a Trip to a Neighborhood Coffee Shop

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An alternative to your usual hangout. Try a cafe with outdoor seats if the weather is nice.

10. Make a Picnic of It

To enjoy your picnic among the trees, all you need is a simple cheese board or some sandwiches. It’s a great chance to catch up with friends while also getting some fresh air.

11. Unwind by the Pool

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Get a day pass to a hotel or reserve two chaise lounges at the local pool. A pool in one of your backyards will give you even more seclusion.

12. Enroll in a Sport

In addition to learning a new sport, participating in a local kickball or tennis doubles league can help you meet new people. As a bonus, it’s a great way to burn off some extra energy.

13. Get into Ceramics by Taking a Class.

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It’ll be interesting to watch how your time behind the wheel goes if you take your lesson on a Saturday. If you’re happy with your creation, you’ll have a new addition to your home’s decor.

14. Plan a Sunday Brunch

Over mimosas and waffles, get to know each other’s pals. If you prefer to cook at home, do so.

15. Go for a Swim in the Sea

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Relax on the beachfront while you’re in town. Lakeside is a good option as well!

16. Get your adrenaline pumping at a theme park!

Make a date to ride the frightfully large roller coaster. With a friend at your side, it will be a lot easier. There’s also the potential for some hilarious photos to decorate your place.

17. Participate as a Group

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Weekend volunteer opportunities abound, and this may become a regular occurrence. Donate to a cause that you and your partner are both enthusiastic about.

18. Look for the Best View in the Area.

Go on a photo-taking trip to identify the nicest spots in your town or city, and don’t forget your camera. Remember to take a few selfies!

19. Solve a Puzzle as a Group

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Of course, there’s coffee and cakes to go along with it. Pick one that has an image that attracts you.

20. Take a Class in Cooking

Learn how to create your own pasta in a cooking lesson, for example. After learning from the pros, your next at-home date night should taste even better.

21. Take in a Musical Performance

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It’s possible to put on a low-cost event at a small venue or record store during the day or at night. Even great if there’s a local festival going on.

22. Visit a Well-Known Dining Spot

Choose a local restaurant that has received a lot of notice from the media. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives still counts as diner if it’s been featured on the show.

23. Try Skydiving!

*Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/Unsplash

You’ve always wanted to travel, but you’ve been afraid to because of your own doubts. There’s never been a better moment to get started than right now.

24. A Hammock Is Needed

Taking a nap is perfectly acceptable on a date. That’s how you know if you’ve found a good match.

25. Innovate in the Kitchen

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Surely you’ve been eating the same five meals every day for the past month or so? Time for a change of pace.

26. Visit a Spa

Make an appointment for that couples massage you’ve been meaning to get. Take use of the sauna and steam room by arriving early.

27. Get Outside and Enjoy the Weather!

How often do you and your housemate(s) make use of your shared outside space? Prepare this new spot in your house for a “date” by cleaning and decorating it first.

28. It’s Time for a Road Trip!

*Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash

At least two hours drive is required. Spend some time exploring the area after lunch.

29. Create a Date to Remember

Instead of going out to dinner, you might have dinner with your significant other at home. Either way, you’re in for a major emotional rollercoaster.

30. Skate on a roller coaster.

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Take to the ice at a nearby rink or the streets of your neighborhood. If you’re up for it, wear retro-chic attire.

Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show in your pajamas all day. You can dine in or order takeout.

Here are some great outdoor activities that will blow your mind. 


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