Indications You're Awkward About Sex

15 Indications You’re Awkward About Sex

I recall a word that was practically a swear word when I was in middle school. Prude. Perhaps the effects were not as severe on females as they were on males. To be a prude meant to hold back or to feel superior to others. Formerly, I had the impression that prudishness was a negative trait. But now, with the rise of awareness on indications you’re awkward about sex, I realize that there’s nothing wrong with being cautious or uncomfortable with certain sexual topics or acts.

To be prudish is to keep one’s modesty in reserve, believing that it should be shown only to those who are deserving. And there you have it; contrary to popular belief, prudishness is neither embarrassing nor foolish. You’ll become more self-aware and deserving of respect as a result. If you’re a puritan, then you can pat yourselves on the back because the rest of us are the ones who are actually in on the joke.

These Are 15 Ways You May Tell You Are A Prude *And Should Be*

A prude is someone who has an extreme lack of sexual curiosity, avoids discussing sexually suggestive topics, and has a strong aversion to sharing sexually suggestive images or videos. It’s not your fault if some individuals avoid you when you bring up topics that are better left unsaid, such as personal matters or activities that should be conducted in private.

You feel uncomfortable discussing sexual topics.

If you’re talking to someone who is a bit prudish, don’t go into too much detail. They’d rather not think about the night before at all, let alone what you did.

The worst thing ever is when someone tells you about their sexual exploits, which is a sure sign that you’re a prude.

You feel awkward when the subject of bodily functions is brought up.

As a person, you are a prude if you avoid discussing any and all aspects of your body, not just sexual ones. You may be a prude if the mere mention of your physiological fluids, functions, or biology, in general, causes you discomfort.

You’re not into getting undressed and exposing yourself.

You don’t want to be naked in public, whether you’re with someone or by yourself, and that includes not posing for Playboy. While birthdays aren’t the time to flaunt your nakedness, you shouldn’t ever feel the need to hide the fact that you’re not wearing any clothes.

Who people are sleeping with is nobody’s business except your own, and you have no interest in knowing.

You are definitely prudish if you act as though what goes on in your bedroom stays in your bedroom.

Yet the truth is that nobody cares to hear your description unless they are interested in the subject matter. Excessive introspection is unsettling for nearly everyone.

You feel uncomfortable when others bring up periods, masturbation, ejaculation, messy sex, or puberty.

One more time: there’s no point in dwelling on the difficulties we all face. Tried that, and got the t-shirt. What I’ve been through is enough for me, thank you very much. Everybody has to go through the same awkward stages of development. You don’t tell anyone. I won’t share mine with anyone else.

You wanted to evaporate and vanish throughout sex education.

The guy in the back raised his hand and asked a question because, as they say, “there is no such thing as a foolish question,” and then there was you.

It’s likely that sex education completely wrecked you.

Even though it’s been two decades, the shameful sensation of wanting to disappear remains vivid in your mind.

Please don’t act is abbreviated as PDA. I said, “Hey, go to your room.” Public shows of affection not only make you feel awkward but also make you want to be rude and inform the couple that there is a proper time and place for such behavior. What they are doing is inappropriate, both in terms of timing and location.

To you, “toilet humor” is a recognized genre of humor.

It’s possible to be labeled a prude if you complain about the movie’s “potty humor” after laughing through it. You find no amusement in jokes concerning body processes, which is what “bathroom humor” refers to.

You have a profound distaste for any and all films starring Adam Sandler.

That’s not only prudish of you; it also makes you intellectual and unmanly. I know it may disappoint you to hear that a prude has no interest in his films, but they are simply too juvenile and foolish to hold anyone’s attention.

Clothing should not be excessively constrictive, too short, or too revealing.

You might as well make garments out of plastic wrap if they’re supposed to feel the same as going without them. It’s the job of clothing to keep the revelation of bare skin a surprise, not to reveal it.

You’re more into the “let’s go on ten dates” stage than the “let’s go on three dates” stage.

If you believe that sex should be reserved for close friends and family and that discretion is paramount, then you may agree that this is the case. It’ll make you cautious and righteous.

Put off revealing too much about yourself until at least the third date, and ideally much longer if you want to create a long-term relationship beyond the first few months.

You won’t find physical contact appealing.

You aren’t that couple that everyone sees strolling around the shopping center with one hand in each other’s pockets. As opposed to being comforting, physical closeness feels more like an octopus attack. Please refrain from touching me unless I specifically ask for it.

While you belong to this generation, you find its sexual mores offensive.

It’s not that the old definition of prude has changed; it’s just that the tide is much larger now. Nudeness, photo-sharing apps, and the occasional selfie are accepted without question.

Maybe you’re right in thinking that some people take things a little too far on social media.

You make snap judgments based solely on outward appearance and conversation.

Of course, it’s possible to form an opinion of a book based solely on its cover. The individual who said it obviously doesn’t believe that what you wear says anything about who you are as a person. Sorry, that is just a fact, not discriminatory.

You always choose the nonexplicit version.

You may never understand why somebody would enjoy hearing so many obscene phrases. The nonexplicit version is just as catchy without all the ugly language that spoils it all.

Being a prude is not a terrible thing. It’s a skill that’s been lost but worth reviving and celebrating because it’s not always something a teacher can impart. The prude has nothing to be ashamed of, however.

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