Indicators That Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is a Narcissist

They are amazing, but do they also bring you down? Find out whether you’re dating a narcissist and how to quickly get out of there by reading this article.

Narcissism is typically a pejorative term, used to imply that a person is conceited or self-centered. Real narcissism, nevertheless, entails a lot more than that.

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Relationships with people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder can be extremely toxic and damaging to their partners’ sense of self-worth.

And if you’re dating a narcissist, you could initially be impressed by their haughty air and grandiose sense of self. As the connection develops, though, you’ll see that the more wonderful they portray themselves to be, the more they shame you. And the only way to gain this person’s approval is to make yourself feel bad about yourself through self-shaming. What possible good could that do for you?!

Warnings that your new beau is a self-absorbed narcissist:

If you witness any of the following traits, you may be dating a narcissist. If you replied “yes” to more than a handful of these questions, reassess your relationship.

1. Self-reflection is a favorite topic of his conversations.

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One of the most telling signs that your partner may be a narcissist is if you notice that the conversation always ends up back on them, no matter what topic you started with. It is likely that if a narcissist asks you about your day or how you’re feeling, it is only so that you can switch the conversation back to them.

2. She needs and desires to be treated like a VIP.

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A narcissist will likely think they are superior to the vast majority of their friends and acquaintances. They are convinced of their own uniqueness and wish everyone to recognize it as well. The upshot could be that she starts acting entitled to things like lavish presents, all of your undivided attention, or chances that she hasn’t earned.

3. He’s never the one on the receiving end.

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Narcissists’ insistence on seeing themselves as the victim in every circumstance is a major destructive trait. In a relationship, this is dangerous because you may start to believe their exaggerated claims of being continuously victimized by others.

4. Jealousy consumes her.

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Narcissists believe they are exceptional, but they are terribly jealous of anyone they think is receiving something they should also have. Your girlfriend’s envy may extend to other people’s successes in life, such as promotions at work, new friendships, or favorable comments from others.

5. He just doesn’t have the capacity to feel what you’re going through.

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He may be looking for nothing more than sympathy from you, but you shouldn’t give it to him. Narcissists aren’t interested in listening to your problems or caring how you feel. You’ll never feel like you’re getting the support you want and need from your partner if the power dynamic in your relationship is unbalanced like this.

6. Having an air of superiority about herself.

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Being arrogant is a terrible character flaw; if your partner is a narcissist, she may expect special treatment because of her superiority. This is likely to humiliate her in many social situations where she interacts with others. In conversation, her arrogance may be more noticeable if she consistently refuses to consider the possibility that she is wrong or that others may have superior views to her own.

7. He uses people for his own gain.

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Narcissists’ lack of empathy for others makes it easier for them to take advantage of the people in their lives. To achieve this goal, one may resort to techniques such as appealing to their emotions, employing subtle manipulation to influence their beliefs, or even just flat-out lying to them.

8. In the past, she has struggled to keep other partnerships going.

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The absence of other long-term relationships in your partner’s life is an obvious red signal for narcissism. You may want to pause and question whether she is capable of maintaining good, loving relationships if she has no close friends, no close relatives, and a long record of ex-boyfriends. She probably hasn’t been able to develop and keep these kinds of relationships with others because narcissists tend to be emotionally distant.

9. She has a tendency to overact and be dramatic.

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Another telltale sign that your girlfriend is a narcissist is her tendency to overreact. This is done so that she can maximize the attention she receives from any given text, battle, or other misfortune. It’s frustrating when your partner has this problem because you never know if she’s actually unhappy about something or is merely being dramatic to attract your attention.

Narcissistic love is one of the worst kinds of love there is to feel. If your partner exhibits any of these behaviors, you should either confront them about it so they can make a change (*fat chance*) or get out of there before you crack from the inside!

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