Is it Effective to Play Hard to Get

Is it Effective to Play Hard to Get?

How do you know if you’re playing hard to get when your mom tells you to do so? Is it effective to play hard to get?

When someone tells you to “play hard to get,” what exactly does that mean? Is that a two-hour delay in responding to a text message or a flat-out refusal to go out with them? Everyone loves to tell you this advice, but when you ask them how to accomplish it, there’s a complete lack of information. So, you’re probably thinking right now whether or not playing hard to get work actually works. Yes, in fact. The science here isn’t even mine, it’s real.

Is it possible to acquire a job if you play hard?

According to many studies, doing your best to get a job doesn’t always pay off. Playing hard to get has a greater possibility of bringing you into a long-term relationship with a person who is committed to you.

The other person also spent more time and money on them because they played hard to get. Isn’t that great? But if you don’t know how to play hard to get, this information is useless. Stop wasting your time and learn the instructions now. If you know what you’re doing, playing hard to get can be a lot of fun.

1. Having sex right away is a bad idea.

Take some time to think about what you’re doing, and don’t rush into the bedroom with them right immediately. I’m sure you’d like to have sex with them. Just remember that they won’t have anything to anticipate if you jump right in. So, keep the fire burning and make them wait for their turn to shine.

Get to know each other first, and then allow the sexual tension build up naturally. Avoid making sex with them a daily occurrence, but instead, treat it like a special occasion.

2. Make sure they feel special so they’ll want to stay.

Avoid giving them the attention that they crave. However, realistically, they’d rather have your undivided attention. It’s better to offer them just the right amount of attention to keep them going. If you’re not familiar with the rules of the game, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Ensure that they are given enough attention to keep them interested in you, but not so much that they will walk away.

3. Make them earn it, but don’t forget to put in your time and effort.

As long as they’re willing to put in the effort, you don’t expect them to come rushing to your door.

You have to put some effort to show them that you’re interested in them in order for a relationship to work. As soon as they think it’s a one-way street, they’ll end things. One foot forward, one foot backward, and so on and so forth.

4. Don’t give away all your cards.

On the first date, I had a friend who would tell the guy her entire life narrative. Obviously, she didn’t get a second date. Why would she do this? In the first thirty minutes, she spilled the beans on everything. That’s not something you want to do. Instead, give a little, wait a while, and then give a little more. Observe the mood and then give more.

Remember that not everyone will benefit from the information you provide them, so be careful.

5. Set boundaries.

Of course, you’re free to hang out with them, exchange texts, and so on. However, you also want to give yourself some space and show them that you appreciate your own personal time. It’s understandable that you’d like things to work out with this person, but it’s imperative that you demonstrate to them that you don’t require them. How are you supposed to be elusive when they’re right there in your face all the time?

6. Improve your self-esteem by practicing self-confidence-building techniques.

When it comes to being elusive, you need to have a lot of self-assurance. How do you think they’ll want to pursue you if you don’t believe you’re the hottest person in the room? You need to prove to this person that you’re worth their time and effort before they’ll commit to you. It’s because if you don’t chase them, they won’t chase you, either.

7. You don’t owe them anything because they’re polite.

Playing hard to get shows them that you don’t owe them anything, which is why it’s a bad idea. You don’t have to thank them by sleeping with them if they take you out to dinner. When they asked you out, you obliged by going on the date with them. This proves that you’re worth it. When you’re ready and it feels right, you give them a kiss.

8. Flirt.

If you’re playing hard to get, you’ll need to be flirty in order to catch their attention. Flirting isn’t going to be difficult because you clearly like this person. However, whether you’re messaging, in person, or on the phone, flirting is OK. There’s little doubt they’ll stick around because they’ll be able to feel the sexual tension.

Is it possible to acquire a job if you play hard? Mom was right, but if you don’t play correctly, you’ll wind up losing your own game.

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