Is It Wrong To Cheat Making a Decision?

Our environment is rife with temptation, and it’s not hard to have a moment of weakness without being seen. That age-old dilemma, “to cheat or not to cheat,” has been discussed at length previously. Yet, what is the best course of action?

Whether or not you cheat is a major decision that must be made. In reality, though, this is not a question. A nagging notion pops into your head every time you have the chance to sleep with someone else.

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And if you do, should you? Or is it better to just say no? I can see why you’d want to give in. If you’re here, you presumably figured out the answer. Try not to take the easy way out. Period. Contrarily, I will not repeat the same message. Feel free to cheat if you must. If you can help it, don’t cheat. In the end, you’re the one who must analyze the pros and cons and grasp the distinction.

To start, I have a question for you. What about you? Have you ever cheated on a partner? Someone who hasn’t tried it should be warned: once you figure out how to cheat without getting caught, you can never really forget it. You might be able to push the idea out of your mind, but it will be there to haunt you for as long as the relationship continues. And if you’ve cheated before, you know all about it. When you think about it now, how do you feel?

Conning people is simple and entertaining.

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The question of whether to cheat is moot. Everyone agrees that infidelity is a thrilling and exciting way to experience a sexual high. Modern life is so fast-paced that it’s simple to cheat or have an affair and get away with it. It’s only a matter of time before hands start slipping inside each other’s pants if you’ve been texting naughty or flirting with someone outside the relationship for a while and the flirtation progresses to petting and phone sex. 

I promise you that if this were to happen, it would be one of the most unforgettable sexual experiences of your life. And it’s very exciting to see your sexual fantasies come undone right before your eyes. What’s even better is that you seem to be able to get away with it. Have your seductive cake and eat it, too!

And that’s the problem: you’re falling in love with someone else.

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Affair complexity ranges from just sexual to, well, fairly convoluted. First, there is some flirtation and some deep discussion. Then, you start to believe that you’re actually in love with this other person.

If you do decide to cheat and share a bed with them or even just a kiss, you may be reminded of all that is lacking in your current relationship: the affection, weak knees, the wonderful sentiments. However, that’s a topic we’re skipping over for the time being. Those interested in reading about simultaneous romantic attraction are in luck.

To cheat…

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You don’t need to know the dirty details to know that infidelity is entertaining. More exciting than the act of cheating itself is the anticipation of satisfying your sexual need with your deceitful partner.

The bright glow emanating from every pore of infidelity makes cheating on a partner look like a lot of fun. I might even encourage you to do it as long as you don’t get caught and have a good time.

Or not to cheat?

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If you’re cunning enough, you can easily cheat on your lover and escape. A reminder of the time you cheated will always be with you. Almost every dishonest person has expressed a want to undo their actions.

After some time has passed and you’ve thought about it, you’ll feel stupid even if you don’t get caught. Each time you reflect on this, you’ll be reminded of how much more joy you could have experienced in your own relationship had you been able to invest as much time and energy into it.

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What emotions would you feel if your partner were in your position?

Now, I’m not trying to put guilt on you, but you should really give this some thought before you decide to cheat. How would you feel if your boyfriend cheated?

Consider how infuriated and repulsed you would be if you overheard the comments used during an intimate climax. Do you think you could forget what your lover said to you?

Imagine you get caught; what then?

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It’s possible that you took great care to cover up any traces of the affair. No nighttime or late-night phone calls, texts, or social media contact; lunchtime meetings only.

But fortune can change in an instant. And your partner might find out about your infidelity eventually. If you asked them, how would they respond? A miracle may be the only thing that keeps you together, but if your relationship does dissolve, it will never be the same. Does it merit the cost?

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Be sure you’re willing to risk your relationship for the sake of an orgasm.

Should one cheat or not? Now, you have options, and you know what to do. Put some thought into it, and decide for yourself. Don’t jump to conclusions; weigh the benefits and drawbacks first.

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