Learn the Meaning of These New Dating App Terminologies for Simpler Online Dating

Even if you’ve just been online dating for a short time, you’ve definitely noticed that there is a new vocabulary to learn. Here are some definitions for the most commonly used phrases on dating apps.

Online dating isn’t what it once was. The two of you don’t just chat for a while and then arrange a meeting. Apps like Tinder and eHarmony have spawned an entirely new subculture. Now we have to learn new dating app terms and conditions as well as new guidelines. We’ve never seen these kinds of new behaviors or dating practices before.

Before you even meet, you’re already in a relationship with someone. You use an app to talk, text, and possibly even video chat with others. All of this occurs even before you decide to meet up. To keep up with the latest dating app jargon or just know that what you’re going through can be named, this post is for you.

Term definitions for dating app terms are provided.

This is going to be a study guide for modern dating jargon and some unusual terminology and behaviors.


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I assume you’ve heard of Waldo. Someone who appears remarkably similar to everyone else, the guy with the glasses and the striped shirt? The goal is to identify him in a group photo. When it comes to dating apps, Waldo-ing is exactly the same. When a person’s online dating page is replete with group photos, it’s difficult to tell which member of the group you’re speaking with.


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Baseball pitchers use a curveball when they are attempting to curve their pitches. It’s essentially tricking you into thinking you’re doing one thing while actually doing another. A person who exhibits this pattern of conduct won’t stop talking to you. In the beginning, they will respond to your texts and build a connection, but they will not talk to you about commitment or even about meeting up with you.

Big Dick Energy.

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This isn’t the first time I’ve heard it. Although it appears to be self-explanatory, cockiness might be seen as a negative connotation. Confidence without egotism is essentially BDE’s secret ingredient. Rather than driving a muscle car to make up for a lack of self-confidence, this is the opposite of that. Rather than coming across as cocky or arrogant, this guy exudes self-assurance in his feelings and his masculinity.


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When you first hear the terms “zombieing” and “ghosting,” you might be confused. When someone is a ghost, they just vanish without a trace, but when someone is a zombie, they revive from the dead. Suddenly, a person who you thought was long gone from your life reappears. They may send you a direct message, such as a picture, or they may just text you like nothing occurred.


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When it comes to summer flings, Freckling is the better term. When the weather is great, freckling is like getting freckles in the sun, but once the leaves begin to change, it stops.


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A casual relationship in which a person is dating you but not asking you out is called a benched relationship. If they can’t find a better option, they’ll contact you and expect you to be available. It’s not sexy.

Thirst trap.

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Your dating page, your Instagram, or anywhere else you submit photographs online can have a thirst trap. Thirst traps are photos with a strong visual appeal or even sexual overtones placed on public display only for the intention of capturing others’ attention.


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“Define the relationship” is the acronym for “DTR.” Instead of talking about DTF, most couples have this chat to figure out what their roles are in the relationship and where it’s heading.


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When you use your phone to snub someone, you’re phubbing. You’ve been phubbed if you’re on a date with someone and they’re constantly checking their phone. Isn’t it great how much easier it is to meet someone these days?

Love bombing.

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Despite how romantic the concept of “love bombing” may sound, it is actually a profoundly dysfunctional method of communication that is frequently accompanied by extensive manipulation. Bombing people with love is a sort of emotional blackmail. In other words, it’s when you’re completely overwhelmed by a new partner’s love, affection, and attention. Once they’ve got you in, they’ll do anything to keep you there. To give you the benefit of doubt, they’ve done well before.

If you want to get back into the dating game, here are some of the more common and unusual terminology you need to know.

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