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Love at First Sight Myths Busted

We’re breaking the romantic comedies’ myth that lust and passion aren’t enough to keep a healthy, long-term relationship going through life’s inevitable challenges.

So, what else do individuals get wrong when it comes to first impressions and love?

It is fateful to fall in love at first sight. It’s true that love at first sight can be an overwhelming experience that seems like love, but it’s not real love. Rather, it is a chemical reaction that causes it. In essence, it’s an indicator of intense physical attraction because it’s a good match of endorphins between two people. This does not imply that the two of you will be compatible for the rest of your lives. To establish a long-term relationship, more than just physical attraction is required, but it’s a good place to start.

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Some people meet someone and instantly fall in love, but it’s really because they were a wonderful match all around—and that’s why I believe it’s a case of luck.

It’s a sentiment that’s shared by both parties. We’ve encountered couples in our office who thought they were in love at first sight, only to discover that it wasn’t the case for one of them after working through some issues in treatment. It’s inevitable that a spouse who first agreed with their partner’s behavior because it looked right will eventually come to regret their decision.

If you’re experiencing “the sensation,” you may expect it to last. Usually, it’s one of the partners that becomes concerned and arranges for the other to go to counseling. Ideally, both partners will let the other know that they don’t believe in a long-term commitment, that marriage isn’t a good idea, and that their encounter was love at first sight wasn’t enough to hold them together.

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There is no guarantee of a second sight of love when you fall in love at first sight. It’s wonderful if you and someone else have a connection like that. However, instead of sprinting to the altar, take a long breath, and then re-enter with them.

 The second time around, do something different from the first time around. Go out for lunch in the middle of the day if it was a late-night date. If you’re meeting for breakfast, go for dinner instead. Whether or not the spark is more than simply a one-time event is what matters.

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