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Love Letters to Your Partner: Tips and Tricks

It has been a long time since you have written a handwritten letter to your loved one. Yes, you’re not the only one who doesn’t think so. Because of the prevalence of DMs and heart emojis in our day and age, it’s easy to overlook the value of a handwritten letter when expressing your feelings for someone. Letting your significant other know how much you value and appreciate them with a thoughtful gift is a romantic gesture no matter how long you’ve been dating or how long you’ve been engaged.

What will take [your partner’s] breath away in a love letter is its raw genuineness. Your love letter isn’t designed to be compared to the other love letters out there. It will be wonderful for the lucky recipient if the sentiments stated are genuine.

What are you waiting for?

To write a love letter, follow the instructions below.

Begin with a Thoughtful Opening Greeting

When writing a love letter, the greeting can quickly convey the intensity of your feelings and the strength of your relationship. If you’re being emotional and romantic, your tone does not have to be precisely formal. Also, if you’re unsure how to begin a conversation, simply mentioning your partner’s initial name might be an intimate gesture.

Take a moment to relive your most romantic memories.

To begin the letter’s heart, think back to a time when you “knew” you loved someone and share that moment with them. Think of these shared occasions in a chronological order and write about them in a free-flowing manner.

What’s the “Why” behind this?

“I adore your personality” can be a generic phrase, but it’s better to get to the “why” behind your admiration. Assuming you haven’t filtered your feelings about the other person, try to explain why you’re so in love with them. Take a photo of the magic!

Finish off with a Bang

Share your feelings about having this person in your life with the world. Do not be afraid to speak up! In the end, put yourself completely out there and throw your insecurities go. When it comes to the final sentence itself, a straightforward, forceful “I love you” will always be the best option.


Are your creative juices flowing but you don’t know where to begin? A safe place for oneself will allow thoughts, feelings, and words to emerge without fear of criticism. When they do, don’t worry about how it sounds. Just write. It’s okay to use poetic expressions, as well as more direct language like “I love you.”

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