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Men’s Laziness Has Destroyed Chivalry

Do you believe that chivalry has been extinguished for good? In light of today’s men’s behavior and expectations, it’s likely gone for good.

This is wonderful news for most males. When it comes to the majority of women, this is just another headline proving that fairytales don’t exist.

Is chivalry, then, extinct? Really?

In reality, what he meant to convey was that he was not a gallant gentleman in any sense of the word. That came to my attention later.

Now, I’m not counting on a stranger to open my car door in the middle of a packed street. Also, I don’t expect him to treat me like a princess when we meet.

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If he is nearby, I would appreciate small acts of kindness, like holding the door open for me or pulling my chair back.

I liked this guy at first, but as soon as I caught a glimpse of another person treating his lady better, I found myself lowering my shoulders or curling my toes in shame. Because of how I felt about the way things were going, I decided to speak up. I wanted to be acknowledged and loved, respected and taken care of, but my partner, who would rather treat me as an equal, would not do any of those things.

Men are accustomed to taking the easy route.

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Exactly what I’m saying is true. Men are incredibly impatient and prefer to get things done in the simplest manner possible. Despite this, they don’t appreciate anything that comes their way without effort.

Women who want men to be gentlemanly are viewed as overly demanding by men. Most guys, on the other hand, don’t aware that chivalry may be a terrific method to impress a woman while also showcasing their best traits at the same time.

What are the benefits of chivalry for both sexes?

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Women prefer to feel safe and secure. Men enjoy the feeling of being guarded. Instinctively, I’d assume. When the guy you’re on a date takes care of you and makes you feel safe, you’ll have a better time. When the female he’s dating relies on him for her safety and happiness, he feels good about himself.

While most men despise the concept of chivalry, they fail to see that by downplaying or eliminating it, they are really reducing the romance and excitement of courting.

Women who are less demanding of themselves.

Women wonder whether all the fairytale romances they read about are really a bunch of hoaxes as they go from bad guy to horrible guy. It’s also common for women to give up on their own fairy tales and fall in love with any slob who shows her attention.

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They begin to compromise their values and accept any man who shows interest in her. As a result, these men think all women are like that, and they become irritated when any woman demands that he treat her with dignity and courtesy. In this way, the rise and fall of chivalry sets off a new cycle of mistrust between men and women.

However, women who are willing to put up with a man’s flaws are never truly content. They just learn to put their true hopes on hold until another knight in shining armor goes by or until they witness another couple who appears to be in love.

Only if you allow it to die will chivalry die.

Stay true to who you are and trust in a happy ending. Men, be chivalrous and show your girlfriend that you care about her.

Even if chivalry is on its way out, only the dissatisfied lovers would miss it. We’ve learned enough from evolution to know that gallantry and being a jerk to achieve what you want go hand in hand.

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As long as men step up their game and act like gentlemen, women will begin to treat them as such. All of us will find that love will be more enjoyable when there is so much respect, chivalry, and admiration in the air.

If you believe that chivalry is extinct, you’ve probably given up on ever finding true love. Do not give up on chivalry, and do not abandon it. With chivalrous love, you’ll see how romantic the world of love really is.

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