Methods For Improving The Disgraceful Stroll

Each and every young lady’s worst nightmare is the “walk of shame” the morning after. You can use these suggestions to make your walk of shame seem less humiliating and more dignified.

If you’re a woman who enjoys the wilder side of Saturday nights, you might be all too familiar with the dreaded “walk of shame” on Sunday mornings.

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Hey, that’s a place I frequent myself. And what is life if not for occasional crazy antics? To put it another way, nobody stays youthful forever. One day, us youngs might get tired of these meaningless sexual evenings.

The walk of shame, humiliating as it may be, is usually necessary. That is, unless you’ve been living with a guy so mortifying that you wish you could just disappear.

Improving the Walk of Shame with These Steps:

Here are some simple ways to cover up the fact that you’re walking home from a night of bed-shaking with a guy while wearing absolutely nothing proper for the morning. It will lessen the pain of the walk of shame and boost your self-esteem at the same time.

1. Better be safe than sorry. 

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Do not go home with a complete stranger, no matter how wonderful it may sound. You should not take that chance. It’s possible that he will become a serial killer. Don’t let a guy who you don’t know or who nobody you know knows to take you home, especially if you’ve been drinking heavily at the club. Whenever your friends think you’re about to go home with the incorrect guy, they’ll try to stop you as a favor to you.

2. Do not try to slip away first thing in the morning. 

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Morning sneaking away may be effective in the movies, but it’s not a very polite thing to do in real life. There have been instances when I’ve sneaked out and immediately felt awful about it.

In the first place, it makes you feel like a prostitute on the clock. Second, it reinforces your feelings of humiliation and embarrassment over your one-night stand. If you’re up early and you like this guy, poke him with a stick and tell him you have to go.

3. Being late is not a big deal. 

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You shouldn’t be in a hurry to leave the house. Even if you think it’s the appropriate move to make, you’re almost certainly wrong. It’s possible that you’re running late for something. However, collect your thoughts and pick up any belongings you may have left behind in his absence. 

You’ll be more lost than you can imagine if you leave in a state of panic and confusion. Spending an extra fifteen minutes at his apartment is preferable to looking like a dirty prostitute when you leave at the end of the night.

4. Take along only the bare necessities.

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Those fundamentals of yours are like condoms; everyone needs them. While you may not engage in sexual activity every night, you always have the means available. There are some essentials, like a condom, that you should bring to a party in case you end up hooking up with a hot guy you’ve had your eye on. 

Bring a warm layer, cash (no plastic please), sunglasses, and the very minimum of makeup you can get away with. Your morning walk of shame will be less noticeable and more covert.

5. Get your feelings over to him. 

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So, you’ve had a one-night stand with a guy. Are you thrilled with it, or are you annoyed with yourself? If you don’t want to see him again or if you want to remove the earlier night from your memory, drop a few hints to let him know about it. Feel free to tell the guy how you feel, whether it’s good or bad. One night stands have a way of making us feel like we have unfinished business.

6. Try not to feel bad about it. 

The night before, you had s*x. You go girl! That was a very admirable act. The night was a blast, and you clearly enjoyed yourself. Have no shame; it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Only if you let yourself feel ashamed is a walk of shame truly humiliating. Have confidence in yourself, raise your head, and walk proudly along the street.

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And this is something you might want to keep in mind. Everybody who used to gaze at you as you strolled down the street is now fast sleeping, accompanied only by their fingers. They all admire you behind your back, but privately they’re jealous of you. Every single one of the males wishes they could have slept with you.

Remember these guidelines the next time you’re at a guy’s house for the night and can’t figure out how to get back home. Having this will make your “walk of shame” a lot more dignified and less humiliating.

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