Most Common Mistakes Made During One-Night Stands

Most Common Mistakes Made During One-Night Stands

While one-night stands can be a thrilling experience, it’s essential to be aware of the most common mistakes made during them. From forgetting protection to not communicating your needs, these errors can turn a pleasurable encounter into a regretful one. So, it’s crucial to know what to avoid to ensure that the experience remains enjoyable and satisfying.

One-night stands have their benefits, but they also have their drawbacks. There is no shortage of horror stories, whether it be about awful sex, stalkers, or bad choices. Nevertheless, that isn’t the only way it may go. Use your discretion to keep everyone happy and, more importantly, safe.

Mistakes are often made during one-night stands

These are the blunders you should try to avoid in order to avoid the uncomfortable or awkward situations that may arise as a result of one-night stands:

Great expectations.

A one-night stand can develop into something more serious if both parties are open to it. A one-night stand is meant to be just that—a one-night stand. It’s fine to ask for a second date if you both feel there’s potential, but you shouldn’t take rejection personally.

Consider the situation to be similar to that of a casino, where the “house” chips are those that you are using. Since you’ve already triumphed by scoring a one-night stand, failing now won’t set you back more than you already were.

Singles only.

Only the single should go out in search of a one-night stand. Cheating is not cool, and it puts the person you go home in a terrible position that they probably aren’t prepared for. One-time sexual encounters are acceptable only if they are done while you are not otherwise committed to anybody else. Maybe reevaluate your priorities if you’re willing to risk someone’s safety for a one-night stand.

Take all necessary safety measures.

Consider this: skipping the protection during a one-night stand is a massive no-no. Try to ponder that for a moment. You’ve decided to spend the night with a complete stranger. Probably they’ve done the same thing with someone else recently, maybe even more than once. If they are willing to have sexual relations with you without a condom, then it’s safe to presume that they didn’t use one the last time.

Sexual activity outside of a monogamous relationship, especially a one-night encounter, is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Unsafe sexual activity can expose people to a wide range of harmful infections, some of which can have permanent consequences. In addition, the next time you’re thinking of bringing someone home from the bar with you, assess whether or not you’d want that person to be the parent of your future offspring. Nope, didn’t think so either. Finish up.

Not being adequately prepared.

A condom can only be used if one is available for use. In other words, ladies, it’s not always the guy’s turn to supply the rubber. Condoms and water-based lubricants should be standard equipment on every person’s bedside. It’s true that some ladies worry about coming across as slutty if they have condoms in the house, but you brought home a total stranger, so get over it. He’s also in the bathroom of a woman he’s never met before. It is not for anyone to pass judgment.

Some people are just too stupid to wait.

Falling in love after just one night together is a typical occurrence. You only imagine that you’ve fallen in love when you’re feeling very vulnerable. No one wants to hear those three words during a one-night stand because they are strange and creepy.

Hold back the impulse to make a drunken love declaration to the person you met an hour ago at the pub. And even if you did love them, informing them would make them run for the hills, so you don’t.

You never know…

While going on a one-night stand, there is no need to set any sort of precedent for a second date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for one. The bottom line is that if you think the two of you clicked, you should try to make a move, but you should also be prepared to be rejected. When both people leave a one-night stand feeling the same way, it happens often, but they seldom ask each other out again. It’s not uncommon for what seems like a one-night stand to become the beginning of a serious relationship or even a marriage. Do not assume anything; find out by inquiring.

No one owes you breakfast, even yourself.

Unless both parties want more, a one-night stand is just that: one night. If you’re only able to give once, don’t feel obligated to give more. Hence, if you don’t want a second date, don’t ask for one. Even if they wake up and catch you leaving when the sun is just illuminating the room through the blinds, all you have to say is, “I have to go.” Don’t give in to pressure to do anything you don’t want to.

Not a single scarf was forgotten.

It’s much more common than you might imagine to forget something at someone’s house. Intentionally setting up a second date is a common motivation for such behavior. If you really liked this individual, you might attempt it if you’re in a sneaky mood. Don’t let someone force you into meeting with them if they leave something at your house and you’d rather not. Find out their mailing address and send it there.

It’s one too many.

Most disastrous one-night stand choices, including the decision to have one, are likely fueled by alcohol. Too much alcohol consumption is usually grounds for dismissal. If you have too much to drink, you can wake up with a horrible creature staring back at you and wonder how you ever brought this person home.

Women are more vulnerable when they drink too much. And it can influence even the most rational person to make bad choices. It’s not worth risking illness or an unplanned pregnancy over a night of sloppy, subpar sex.

Walk of shame.

The walk of shame, for those who are unfamiliar, is the travel home after a one-night stand, which is immediately visible to everyone else. This one is far more problematic for women than men because of the double whammy of being judged by society and having to deal with the consequences of the night before’s attire being visible in broad daylight.

You might want to think about how you’re dressed or bring something to cover yourself modestly if you anticipate a possible walk of shame in the near future. Women can borrow a sweater from a male, but doing so might be fraught with social awkwardness. The best advice if you have to make a walk of shame is to own it. Keep your chin up; you just scored where most others failed to do so.

Passionate and exciting or best left forgotten, one-night encounters come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind of one-night stand you decide to pull off, the most important thing is that you stay away from the typical dangers.

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