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Most Valuable Wedding Day Tips

With all the bridal books and planning applications out there, you’ve exhausted your options. There’s no harm in getting some extra wedding day advice before the big day, right? There are plenty of real-life brides who can offer advice on every aspect of planning your wedding day. So from a fellow bride to a fellow bride, take note.

Refrain from making any assumptions about the time and effort required to plan a great wedding. Even if something goes wrong, you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends and family members who are eager to assist you.

1. Before saying “I do,” take some pictures.

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Take your pictures first so that you may spend as much time as possible with your guests at the reception. All of the other shots can still be taken even if you don’t want to see your fiancée before you go down the aisle.

2. Eat

You’ll likely have no time to eat anything from the cocktail hour food to the main meal to the cake, so ask your caterer to store it all for you. And don’t worry: You’ll be hungry when you go back to the hotel.

3. Don’t worry about the tiniest details

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Enjoy the planning process and your wedding day with all of your loved ones by taking it all in slowly. Even if something goes wrong, you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends and family members who are eager to assist you. The crinkled-edged paper flowers you labored over will go unnoticed since you spent so much time and effort on them. Believe me, I’ve made a slew of them.

4. Be Prepared.

Prior to the wedding, choose a trusted friend or family member to collect all of your presents and souvenirs (such as your guest book and card box) and to handle any remaining payments to your vendors. You’ll need someone to take your gown home with you if you’re heading to the hotel in your gown. For example, a bridesmaid or family member could take on some of these tasks for you.

5. Provide Specific Instructions to the Members of Your Wedding Party

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For your wedding party and anybody else involved, put together a precise itinerary for the weekend. It will make it simple for everyone to realize where they need to go and what they need to do.

6. Remember to savor the moment and take in all that it has to offer!

Think about how much each person in the audience means to you. This is likely to be the only time all of those folks will be together at the same moment. Take a time to appreciate how wonderful it feels to be in love with your significant other. You’ll need that emotion to help you through the tough times of married life. The euphoria that comes with that sensation can help you get through anything, from buying a house to raising a family!

Avoiding food on your wedding day may cost you more than you bargained for. Sick, irritable and exhausted are all symptoms of low blood sugar. Put your most trustworthy bridesmaid or mother in charge of making sure you eat frequently (maybe even a little more).

7. You and Your New Spouse Should Have a Date Night

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Not everyone at the wedding is important, but the person you are about to wed should be. As a newlywed, I spent the morning with my family, the day with my bridesmaids, and the reception with my husband. I wish I had more fond recollections of spending time with him, rather than attempting to keep the party going at any costs..

8. During the toast, speak up!

During the toast, you, as a couple, should address your guests. The fact that my husband and I both spoke at our wedding meant a lot to our guests, who told us how often weddings just feature speeches from the best man and the maid of honor.

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