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Netflix and Chill – The Right Way


Netflix and relax has been around for so long that we can’t even recall where and when it began. If so, did Eve tell Adam to “Bite the apple and chill” or did our ancestors’ microorganisms see a movie of the Big Bang?

It’s safe to claim that people are truly using it to find dates or hookups. However, despite the fact that it may not be working out as planned, it is a great ice breaker–especially when delivered without any indication of harassment.

It may be the most popular pick-up line in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to find your one and only movie buddy. The following are the actions you must follow if you want to make this work in your favor.

STEP 1: Prepare your co-star for the film.

1. Choose a partner. For Netflix and chilling, you need a somebody who will appreciate your choice of films and not kill you if you doze off in the middle of one.

2. Decide if you want to be in a long-term relationship. It’s a short-term solution to watch Netflix and relax. You must decide if this is a prelude to Hulu and commit, or merely a blip on the radar before the search for the next movie companion gets underway.

3. For a while, go out with them. A stranger in your own home is a no-no, especially when it comes to watching a movie. It’s advisable to wait and see if it’s worth it to share your subscription with this person before deciding whether or not to do so.

4. Inform them that you intend to unwind with a movie from Netflix. If you can’t convey the sentence well, there’s no need to use it at all. A rise in viral popularity could mislead others into thinking it’s an attack on you, rather than a lighthearted prank. To begin, ask your date to watch a movie at home.

5. If they say no, keep dating them. Only half of your partner will want to be alone with you in a tense, sexually charged environment. Let them ponder the issue for a while. Start dating normally and wait for the right moment to offer again while they are doing so.

STEP 2: Set your logistics in order.

1. Obtain food and drink. Do not deviate from the prescribed course of action. Make sure you buy food that you can consume with your hands or put directly into your mouth, and don’t buy anything with lingering ingredients. Booze, of course, should be included to complete the meal.

2. ‘Clean up your space. It’s time to wrap things up.

3. Make restitution to your housemate. Taking them out to see a movie is a good idea.

4. Pay them to stay in their room if they refuse to leave. It’s worth the effort.

5. Decide on a mutually-convenient date and time to meet. Weekend plans will ensure your date won’t be able to claim, “I’m too tired from work,” as an excuse for not meeting up on a Friday night.

STEP 3: The atmosphere must be set.

1. It’s time to go dark. It all begins now. Avoid using YouTube if you can’t pay an electrician to put up dimmer lights. A cheap, warm-lighting table lamp or candle will suffice.

2. Make certain that the air is fresh. Purchase a candle or a few cans of air freshener that smells floral or woodsy.

3. Refreshments will be ready for you. Making a polished presentation isn’t necessary. You’re ready as long as the coffee table has everything you need.

4. Make a list of movies you want to see before they come. Identify a film that best reflects your personality or the one you wish you had. A great date idea for a guy or a lady is to plan an activity that will leave you both feeling vulnerable and emotional. Therefore, a Pixar film would be the greatest option. The Notebook is a bit clear. Choose a scary movie instead if you’re not in the mood to cry. Here are 11 romantic films to get you both in the mood for a night out.

5. Set the mood by turning on some music. “Alternative R&B” on Spotify is a certain hit.

STEP 4: Upon arrival of your date.

1. Make a drink offer to your date. In the words of Sheldon, “Warm beverages are for folks who are feeling sad.” It’s a great way to make your spouse feel more comfortable cuddling up to you by providing a refreshing drink.

2. Is there anything you’d like to do? Conversation that doesn’t make me want to gouge out my eyes. Asking questions is a good way to learn more. Be interested in what’s going on. Tell them how your day has been going. You need to get things started. Here are 36 completely odd questions for boys and girls who want to flirt.

3. Sit them down and have a cup of coffee. A bunch of throw pillows should be placed around the couch’s ends. In this way, your date won’t be able to seat any more away from you than is necessary.

4. Make a decision about the movie you’ll see. You and your date should discuss your options. Suck it up and hope you enjoy the movie if they recommend anything different.

5. See the film. After that point. Jumping in the middle of a movie with your partner is completely unacceptable. It’s for the best that you don’t find out otherwise. Delaying pleasure can help you form a stronger bond with your partner. This is an excellent rule of thumb because there is a good chance that your spouse will want to complete the movie.

STEEP 5: After watching.

1. Provide them with some ice-cold drinks to help keep them cool. Bring on the alcohol!

2. Talk about the movie if you’ve seen it. You never know what will happen next.

3. Stream a new song. It’s still possible to use the playlist from earlier.

4. Try a little flirting. Flirting is considered an art form. When it comes to body language, eye contact, and consensual touch, don’t be afraid to use them. It’s lot easier if you’re both comfortable and at ease after the movie. It’s important to let your date know that you love spending time with them and are open to exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship with them.

  1. Chill. Defining “chill” is as simple as discovering the meaning of life. Everything is up to you and your partner’s discretion. Please tell me if you wish to grow more active. Alternatively, do you like to let the pieces fall as they may?

Remember that the most essential thing about chilling out is that you got to spend time with someone you adore. If watching Netflix and unwinding isn’t your cup of tea, there are alternative options. You can always order Chipotle and relax.

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