Online Dating: How To Do It Right in a Super Easy Way

You can rely on modern means of communication to help you flirt when you feel uncomfortable doing it in person. How to attract a crush’s attention online and what to say when you do.

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Subtly expressing your affection for your crush is important, but so is beginning to drop hints about how much you care about them. You’re already connected with them on social media, but you’re not sure how to talk to them without making them permanently block you.

The silver lining is that social media provides a kind of anonymity. In this way, your social circle won’t have to see your humiliation if your crush doesn’t feel the same way about you. If the rejection really hurts, you may simply delete your history with them and stop following them if you choose.

Tips for Successful Online Flirting:

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Are you all set to make your crush swoon over your cryptic messages and hints? Give the advice a shot.

1. Try to discreetly remember what your crush was wearing or doing. 

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Saying “hello” or flashing a grin when you see your crush will enough. To make up for it, whenever you get online, send them a message remarking on what they were up to when you saw them. By making such declarations, you let the object of your affection know that they had more of your attention than you had let on.

2. Find out what your crush is watching, listening to, and enjoying so you can stay up with them. 

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Find out what’s happening in your crush’s world with just a quick Google search. If they like a certain band, for instance, you may tell them they’ll be performing at a nearby club this week. Send your crush a photo of their favorite celebrity that they might have missed during their obsessive web monitoring.

However, if you know that the person you have a crush on enjoys a particular TV show, you should take care not to be the jerk who drops a ton of spoilers on them. When it comes to spoilers, some people are more sensitive than others.

3. Keep an eye on your likes. 

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It’s okay to stalk your crush by liking every single thing they’ve put on Facebook. To avoid overwhelming their feed with alerts, it’s recommended to like only a few things at a time.

It’s possible that enjoying every photo can make you seem either overly nice or creepy to your crush, while liking only few would make them question why you like some but not others. It’s a great way to keep the person you like guessing and on their toes.

4. Don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts. 

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Instead of gushing about how hot your crush is, talk about something else. Look closely at the little things in their images and comment on them.

Leave a comment that will elicit more than simply a “thank you” from them. Worshiping your crush isn’t as good as getting to know them better. There, you can even begin a light-hearted teasing session, so long as you keep an eye on whether or not you’re crossing the line into bullying territory.

5. If you want to hook the person you have your eye on, leave some uncertainty. 

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If your crush sends you a message, it’s important to slow down and think before responding. Put them in the seenzone for a few minutes while you think of a suitable response, and then email it to them. Keeping your enthusiasm in check in this way is a good strategy.

6. Don’t be shy about tagging each other in group shots! 

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Never be bashful about letting everyone know that you and the object of your affection have spent time together in the past. Be sure to let his friends and yours know how close you two really are.

Tag these photographs, even if they aren’t brand new, so that everyone knows you’ve been hanging out together. You’re not actually being possessive, as it’s only a photograph. However, it serves as a subtle hint to both your crush and the rest of the world that the two of you are having a good time. Those who are jealous should be jealous.

7. Accept and embrace the fact that you and others may hold different views. 

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Different points of view can make for more stimulating discussions with the person you have a crush on.

Emphasize this, and offer a reasonable argument. This will undoubtedly spark a lively discussion, and you can play the charming role of letting your crush come out on top in the end… It’s also OK to advise disagreeing disagreeably.

8. Just pretend to be present. 

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On purpose, avoid seeing your crush. Yep, you did read that correctly. Don’t interrupt your crush’s stay in a hotel by showing up when you know they must have already departed. Then, publish an update that proves you were at the same location as your crush.

If your crush responds by saying they missed you by a couple of hours, you could suggest that they at least text you about it. Your mutual acquaintances may assume that you were there together and begin taunting you if your crush doesn’t react. Perhaps this will convince your crush that the two of you are a suitable match.

If you want to flirt, it’s far simpler to do so online than in person. But you should exercise caution, as going overboard could turn off your infatuation. You can easily get your crush to like all of your profile images if you just keep things basic, modest, and smooth.

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