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Outfits to Wear on a First Date

A superb capsule wardrobe will let you have a slew of date-ready outfits at your fingertips. The following goods are recommended for your wardrobe:

  • A white button-down shirt
  • A pair of straight-leg jeans in a medium-dark wash
  • A solid-colored knit or jersey hoodie;
  • A dark slim suit.
  • Solid or striped t-shirts in blue, white, black, or grey.
  • A pair of black brogue shoes or a comparable
  • Navy, grey, black, white, or charcoal-colored sneakers
  • A casual plaid shirt in a neutral hue such as bottle green, grey (or black), or navy
  • A pair of chino-style pants
  • A solid-colored polo shirt

The variety of clothes you can build from this little collection depends on your date and location. Consider wearing a black suit, brogues, and a plain white shirt to dinner with a sophisticated date. Wearing the suit is still an option, but pairing it with a T-shirt or Polo shirt can give off the impression that you’ve just returned from the workplace.

Outfits for a Casual Daytime Date

Dates during the day tend to be less formal than those at night (unless you have an event or daytime wedding, of course). Maintain a more casual or smart-casual look. This means that you have put some effort into your appearance and don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

A few easy outfits to put together utilizing a capsule wardrobe are as follows:

  • A white shirt and sneakers, a pair of high waisted, straight-leg jeans
  • A hoodie and sneakers complete the look.
  • A hoodie or t-shirt with chino style pants

Clean and well-maintained clothing is essential; avoid overdoing the patterns.

Dressing to Impress on a Date at Night

If you’re going on an evening date, you’ll probably want to spend extra time on your appearance. You are more likely to find yourself in a situation where a dress code is required. If your date has recommended the location, do some research first.

A more dressed-up look or smart-casual attire depending on where you’re headed. The following are a few ideas from her “capsule wardrobe”:

  • A suit jacket, a white shirt, and jeans
  • In a suit jacket and jeans; in chino-style pants and a casual shirt; In chino-style pants and polos; or any combination of these.

What Not to Wear While

Being yourself is vital, there are some outfits you should probably avoid wearing, especially if this is your first date with this individual and you want to make a good impression.

Avoid anything that’s overly bright, patterned, or polarizing. Do not wear anything that is out of step with your age. If you are reentering the dating pool after a divorce, avoid dressing like you did when you were a teen and single. There is no need to dress like your father in order to be attractive and fashionable.

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