Party Games For The Sexually Adventurous

Are you and your pals in search of some naughty drinking games to keep you all in for the night? A proper high can be attained through participation in these sexually stimulating sports.

It’s possible to play one of two distinct varieties of alcoholic beverages.

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You know, the kind of game where you play and then pass out for an hour. Secondly, games can be played to make a night of entertainment last longer.

While becoming absolutely wasted could be enjoyable for the first hour, beyond that point, it’s all downhill. When you have other sensual plans for the night, sipping slowly may be more delightful.

Fun libation-based games for the sexes.

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Use these drinking games to throw a memorable party for a bunch of pals that aren’t prudes and like a wicked evening together, or if you and your significant other have many friends who are couples.

You and your friend can satisfy your need for wicked fun with pals without worrying about becoming too drunk too fast or spending the rest of the night in the bathroom.

Drinking games that are both wild and seductive.

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Capfuls are the standard unit of measurement for hard liquor when you and your pals are going to imbibe for the evening. If even one of you gets drunk in the first two hours, the party is over. Everyone needs to down a few shots before getting comfortable at the table.

1. I’ve never. 

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To begin, one of you must make a genuine confession beginning with “I’ve never…” An individual can declare, “I’ve never… had sex in a car.” Anyone in the group who has genuinely engaged in the behavior in question should be given a drink. Whoever said the line must buy everyone a drink if no one else has. To heighten the ante, have the drinker describe the behavior.

2. Russian roulette. 

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Set out a tray of shot glasses. Fill all the cups with water except for one, into which you will pour vodka. The glasses are rearranged by a second individual. After that, everyone should grab a shot glass at random and chug it without stopping to smell or taste it. Every time a shot of vodka is consumed, the dare for that round must be completed. Raise the percentage of glasses with real vodka as the game goes on.

3. Dares in a hat. 

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Everyone in the group secretly writes down a task they want to accomplish and tosses it into a hat. The activities may be completed singly or in tandem with another person(s). This game’s risqué nature can be changed depending on the rules.

4. Poker with the stripper removed. 

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In a twist on the classic card game, players must instead use their own clothing as currency. If one partner does not wish to remove an item of clothing, the other can do so in exchange for the unwilling participant. If you’re unfamiliar with poker’s rules, you can always play any other card game you know using the same principles. Everyone else must take a drink, however, whenever somebody removes an item of clothes.

5. Body contact when blindfolded. 

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A fun and sensual drinking game. To start, a man is blindfolded. Each girl forms a neat line in front of him. The males pick a body part at random, and each man has to feel it to see whether he can identify their partner or a specific girl simply by touching her. When the men are done, the women take their turn. One must drink a glass for every incorrect guess.

6. Game of truth or dare. 

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Since there are no limits to the types of questions or dares that can be asked, this is the sexiest drinking game possible. Every player gets a turn at “truth or dare,” and when someone completes a dare, the rest of the group must imbibe it.

7. The bottle-spinner game. 

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Every group, whether it be friends or couples, plays this time-honored game. However, the game takes on a new level of eroticism and comedy after a few drinks. Men and women take turns sitting in the center of the circle. You take turns spinning the bottle and kissing whoever it lands on when you stop. If you’re not allowed to kiss that individual, the person to their right is fair game.

8. Choose between a flip, a sip, and a strip. 

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All participants will get an opportunity to toss a coin. Toss a coin, and if you call heads or tails correctly, you need to take no action. The rule states that one must turn down a glass of water whenever an error is made. If you make the same mistake again, you have to remove one article of clothing. If you correctly answer three consecutive questions, you’ll be able to put on an item of clothing you had to remove before.

Try these naughty drinking games with your boyfriend and pals to get your sexual juices flowing and reignite the passion you have for each other in bed.

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