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Posts on the Internet That Turn Away Potential Love Interests

Posts on the Internet That Turn Away Potential Love Interests

Are you a keeper or a loser if your attractiveness is largely on your online presence? Here’s how to improve the visual appeal of your online articles with filters.

Nowadays, things are a lot easier than they were in the past. What if you don’t know where to get Murakami’s new book? It’s easy to find on the internet. You’d like to discover if the person you have a crush on is available for relationship? You may find out more about them by doing a search online.

The amount of data available on the internet may astound you. Counting from one to three is all you need to know about stalking. Whether you want to know where they reside, what they like to eat, or where they like to socialize, you may do so. In the end, the internet will always have something interesting to say about people, even if their social media profiles are marked as “private.” And no matter how hard they try, if you keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for new information, you will find what you’re looking for.

What not to write on the internet…

Anyone who is curious about you can find out more about you with nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection. What do you think of what you see? People will likely leave if they see a lot of the following posts.

YOLO moment one: DRUNK times.

Is there anything wrong with you? Start evading detection as soon as possible. Even if you’re out with your buddies, and they’re all pretty buzzed, you can bet that someone will snap a picture of the two of you. When you wake up the next morning, you won’t even remember what happened the night before.

Never fear. Everyone has a photo that was taken but never used. All that separates you from that person is their right to privacy. A thousand times worse if it wasn’t even you who put it up in the first place. A photo showing yourself intoxicated should be removed as soon as possible if it appears. Or, better yet, no matter how much you’ve had to drink, try to keep it elegant.

Fighting online is pointless.

What is the end outcome of online fighting? How do you think a future lover would react if they saw you fighting about an apparently innocuous tweet? What more would you do if you were already in a relationship with someone who might be interested in you and you were already battling with individuals you don’t know about something trivial? Anyone’s energy can be stifled by an overabundance of negativity.


You don’t want to be seen as a person who disparages others in public. The present era of globalization is all about bringing the entire world together. Certainly, you have the right to express your own thoughts. But make sure you don’t offend anyone else with your thoughts.

Look! My tooth is being pulled today!

A photo of your bleeding mouth is included with this message. Please. You don’t have to expose your inside organs to anyone. A picture of a painful injury is the last thing anyone wants to see. You don’t have to do anything to elicit sympathy for your plight. There are some things better left private. Surely your future mate would benefit from learning more about your mouth when they lean in for a kiss?

“Please get rid of me.”

Where are you going? As if you’re implying that you’d like to end your own existence. Or, perhaps, you’re just looking for sympathy? Depression-related cryptic internet posts are better left in your own journal, where only you can read them. Keep your cryptic depression posts to yourself if you don’t want your future boyfriend to picture you as someone who has regular mental breakdowns merely because you don’t know what to wear or what automobile you want to drive.

Work-related rant.

To protect yourself, don’t post anything about your job-related woes on social media unless you are your own boss. That you have job anxieties that you don’t address in a professional manner at work is bad enough. It would do a lot of harm to your company. Quit your awful job instead of writing a long tirade about how much you hate it. You don’t need to spread your negativity to others.

Overwhelming selfies.

It’s wonderful that you’re pleased with your appearance. Selfie overload on your friends’ timelines is not recommended. A selfie every half hour is the epitome of narcissism. The first few selfies you post on your social media accounts may be of interest to a possible mate. However, if that’s all you have on your profile, it will make you appear as if you have nothing else to say.

A photo of yourself crying.

One would think that when individuals are truly sad, there would be no time to take a photo of the lone tear streaming down their cheek. If you’re crying in a photo, you’ll come across as needy and desperate for sympathy. It’s not a hot look, and neither would your possible love interest find it attractive.

The self-deprecation.

Arrogance isn’t attractive. In the end, hubris disguised as modesty is worse than arrogance itself. At least vanity doesn’t make people feel the need to respond in any way. Your possible partner may be torn between trying to console you or congratulating you on how much money you spend on designer shoes because of your self-consciousness.

When you share something online, it becomes a means for people to get to know you better. Instead of just publishing anything, imagine how someone you care about would respond to it. A single typographical error could ruin a potential romance on one of your social media posts.

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