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Preventing Internet Creeps and the Creepy Things They Do

Preventing Internet Creeps and the Creepy Things They Do

These strategies can help you deal with creepy internet men who are continuously making advances toward you.

In the modern era of dating, things are quite a bit different. Guys are under no need to make an effort in order to meet a woman. “Like,” “poke,” and instant message have made it easier for people to communicate their feelings via computers. It’s great to be able to communicate instantly, but what happens if you’re stalked across multiple social media platforms by a creepy creep? Nothing positive ever happens. I can guarantee you that much.

How to stay safe from online trolls..

Creeps abound in the real world, but they’re even more prevalent on the internet. Here’s what you can do if you find yourself the target of their misdirected affections.

When it comes to style, less really is more.

Taking selfies and strutting our stuff is something we all like doing every now and again. We’re able to show off our best features to all of our friends, and perhaps even attract new ones, thanks to social media. Sometime less can be more. It’s even worse than many people believe that posting some pictures of themselves in their underwear won’t attract a few creeps to their online social circles. Wrong! Do not publish images of yourself in low-cut shirts and short skirts, or pouting duck faces, in order to prevent being stalked at night by online predators. Try it, and you’ll no longer be bothered by males who are solely interested in your chest.

Take your privacy into your own hands.

Do not accept friend requests from men with whom you share only one to five other social connections just because they ask you to do so. As soon as you see that all of your “mutual friends” are attractive female pals, it’s clear that this guy is only adding you to his list of fake friends.


The power of nonverbal communication cannot be overstated. If you don’t want to interact with a creep who texts you or tries to hit on you, ignore whatever they send you. Is it okay if a guy tells you that you’re “cute” in a text message? As long as it’s not an extensive list of the things he’d like to do to you, you should back away and report him.

You don’t have to show gratitude to a stranger who complimented you just because he did so. You have every right to be alarmed by him and respond anyway you think proper.

Play a prank.

You may pretend to be your mother, your father in the military, or even your boyfriend. In this case, you would have to respond directly in response to whatever rubbish they’ve emailed you. The point has been made, haven’t we? Be the best at anything you choose to do.

Be stern and direct.

Simply telling someone you’re not interested is an easy approach to let them know that you don’t want to chat with them. At first, you can be gentle, but eventually, you’ll have to give them a firm “NO!” It’s a sign that the monster has no respect for your sentiments if he or she keeps messaging you. Block him or her immediately.

Pick and choose your battles.

You can learn about trolls just as easily as they can learn about you. It’s entirely up to you how often and how long you surf online dating sites. Accepting or rejecting friend invites is entirely up to you. Make no compromises; never settle for anything less. It’s quite acceptable to be choosy.


If the creepy person won’t leave you alone, come up with a standard response or catchphrase that you’ll use in all of your correspondence with him. Automated email responses, such as ‘This message has been received.’ are common while people are going on vacation from work. Right now, I’m out of the office because I’m on the road. The following number should be used in the event of an emergency.

Stick with the automated text response you’ve decided on, no matter how many times the creepy person calls or texts you. Your produced robot reply is probably going to bore him eventually, so come up with something original.

People with nothing better to do lurk in the shadows of obscurity when they lurk on the internet, which is a breeding environment for creeps. Make sure you don’t succumb to their creepy methods by following the above recommendations!

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