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Psychology of Attraction: 6 Things You Should Know

It’d be nice if dating were a breeze. Prior to deciding on a venue, dress, and building oneself up for a big event, we should know if it is worth the effort. Would my joke be funny to her? Maybe. Are there any chances he’ll get into my favorite pastime? We’ll have to wait and see. Understanding the psychology of attraction can help you improve your chances of finding love.

For a long time, scientists have been trying to figure out what causes the elusive spark, and they’ve discovered that there are multiple types.

Who or What Draws You in?

Power to generate sentiments of want, interest, or liking is known as an attraction. It is the study of why we are drawn to certain people and not others that are called the psychology of attraction.

As it turns out, attraction is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In spite of the many varieties and potencies, seven types of attraction stand out as the most important. According to social psychologist Madeleine A. Fugère, Ph.D., “I tend to describe attraction as forces which bring people together.” Like, sexual desire, resemblance or even physical proximity can all be examples of these factors.”

As an example, the desire to engage in personal acts with another individual might influence one’s sexual attraction only based on physical cues.

The desire to be in a relationship with another person feels more intense sensations of romantic attraction. “Attraction” is the term used to describe their relationship onscreen. Friendship attraction is just a desire to have a non-romantic relationship with another person. It’s possible to be drawn to people because they’re good listeners, interesting people to talk with, or even humorous, but not sexually attracted to them.

The following are examples of further sorts of attraction:

Nonsexual touch, such as a hug or an enthusiastic embrace, is a primary motivator for physical attraction.

Attractiveness as a criterion: a desire for attractiveness as a criterion (but not necessarily desiring a sexual experience with them). Interest in one’s thoughts or the fascinating discourse they may provide is a form of intellectual attraction. When you feel emotionally attracted to someone, it’s because you feel connected, attached, and vulnerable to them.

Although they are not always mutually exclusive, different forms of attraction might exist in their own distinct silos. The psychology of attraction is a fascinating field of study, with a wide range of possibilities. So even if it isn’t conclusive work, it’s important to acquire as many hints as possible when you’re meeting someone new.

Here are seven fascinating truths about the psychology of attraction that you may not have known.

1. On a First Date, Wear Red

Heterosexual women wearing red when conversing with heterosexual males were deemed more appealing in a study conducted in 2010.

Intimate inquiries were asked by men of the crimson-clad women, and they wanted to sit closer to them. Women of all sexual orientations, when shown photos of men in red or against a bright red background, also found them more attractive. Red is a primary hue that is connected with health and fertility, which may explain the behavior. Wearing red on a date is a certain way to get noticed.

2. Focus on Your Body Language

A 2011 study indicated that non-threatening cues such as speaking slowly and leaning backward help a date—after all, a stranger—feel more at ease. Allow yourself to become more animated once you’ve begun to relax. Respecting personal space while still showing your personality through nonverbal signs is considered attractive.

According to Fugère, “an open body position is a signal of confidence and can improve feelings of attraction.” “Eye contact and a grin are common signs that a man has caught a woman’s attention. Smiling and making eye contact with someone increases the activity in the part of the brain linked to reward. Smiling and maintaining eye contact can increase your attractiveness to others regardless of culture.”

Perspective is crucial! For Fugère, male attraction to women is often misconstrued as sexual attraction, while females tend to overestimate men’s interest in sexual relations.

3. Take Advantage of the Power of Smell and Sound.

Psychologists from the University of Wroclaw in Poland published a review in 2017 saying that a person’s voice and fragrance can be a biological determination of their heterosexual attraction (more on that later). A woman’s odor can reflect her fertility, just as a man’s odor might indicate his level of dominance, according to their research.

“Women tend to perceive lower-pitched voices more masculine and attractive, which is likely connected with men’s testosterone levels,” explains Fugère, a researcher at the University of Paris.

When it comes to attractiveness, males are drawn to women with higher-pitched voices because they perceive them as having a younger and slimmer appearance. The author also points out that people prefer to mimic the pitch of their partner’s voice when conversing with one another in heterosexual relationships.

Be aware that “both men and women who are assessed as having more attractive voices are also more prone to cheat on their partners,” warns Fugère, who conducted the study.

4. You have the power to influence the opinions of those close to you.

Having fallen for a buddy, you realize that a person’s appeal goes much beyond their outward appearance. There are various things that may be done to attempt to be more attractive to others, but most individuals are first influenced by someone’s physical appearance and then become more or less attracted to someone over time dependent on other criteria, such as likeness, personality, and reciprocal interest,” says Fugère.

A person’s physical attractiveness, or lack thereof, can shift over time when similar hobbies, a sense of humor, and other personality traits are discovered. “Slow love” is a term for this type of relationship. In support of this notion, a study from 2014 found that over time, people’s perceptions of them can alter, which can either lessen or improve their attractiveness.

5. Boost Romantic Attraction with a Mindful Approach

At the beginning of a new relationship, you’ve probably been taught that keeping things a little ambiguous is a good idea—and it is. When you’re with a significant other, however, exercising mindfulness may help you become more appealing. Researchers found that heterosexual women prefer males who are engaged in conversation over those who seem aloof, according to a study from 2015.

For heterosexual men chatting to women, the study found no association between the two variables. Paying attention to your date is still a good idea, despite all of this.

There are some people who believe that “love at first sight” is real. A 2017 study indicated that males are more likely to acknowledge they’ve felt this way than women when it comes to the phenomenon of falling in love right away.

Researchers polled 400 men and women on their recent love encounters, and they found that men reported experiencing butterflies in their stomachs while talking to more than one individual. Physical attraction isn’t the same as love, but it could be because women tend to be more discriminating when it comes to who they settle down with.

6. Who We Find Attractive Is Predicated on Our Genes.

It’s not surprising that people find symmetry appealing. A person’s fertility and genetic power can be inferred from the harmony of a person’s facial and physical traits, as is well known, but there’s another intriguing component of genetics to consider. J. Philippe Rushton, a psychologist who passed away in 2005, discovered that 34% of human friendship and mate selection is determined by genetic similarity. The reason happy couples look alike is because of this.

But it goes much beyond the superficial. As Fugère notes, “we are drawn to people whose immunological genes are different from our own—potentially offering greater immunity for their kids.”. Smell and kissing may be able to tell us about genetic compatibility without us even realizing it.

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