Questions to Ask Your Partner to Learn More About Each Other

Tired of the same old questions to get to know each other? Whether you’re on your first date or your tenth, here are some questions you should be asking your new love interest..

Answering questions about your private life can be a real drag. On your first date, you’ve already learned her middle name, his favorite color, her ultimate favorite meal, and the name of his first pet. When you repeat your inquiries like a script, you begin to lose interest in the other person.

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Never fear, for we’ll be asking you some amusing questions soon! You can learn something new about your lover no matter how long you’ve been together because of these amusing games and even funnier inquiries.

Here are some amusing conversation starters for your date.

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Don’t rely on your tried and true method of getting to know your date; instead, try these hilarious questions to learn more about them. Here are some questions you can ask your spouse to get to know one other better!

1. What’s the funniest sex blunder you’ve ever had?

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Even if you don’t want your partner to dig into too much detail, sex blunders are too amusing to ignore, regardless of whether you’re seeing that person or not! Indulge your significant other in some of their funniest sex mishaps!

2. Have you ever swore at your parents?

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The results of this question are always amusing. In response to the question of whether he’d ever dropped the F-bomb on his mother, he confidently declared: “Sure!” He then burst out laughing, saying, “I was so afraid after, I raced immediately into the bathroom and closed the door!”

3. In the kitchen, what’s the worst mistake you’ve made?

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The morning following their first date, he tried to make his lover happy by making her pancakes. Get them to tell you about their worst culinary mishap!

4. Is there anything you’ve ever eaten or drunk that you’d call bizarre?

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A surprising number of people has devoured insects. It’s impossible to tell what your partner has consumed on purpose or by mistake.

5. Tell me about your most memorable Tinder or blind date.

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It’s all about the evidence here! On blind dates, both men and women have had some strange encounters. Take it in turns to tell each other about your worst dating experiences.

6. What’s the worst kiss you’ve ever had in your life??

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A lot of talk? The slobber in your mouth was so disgusting that you wanted to vomit. First kisses giving you the willies? These stories, while usually adorable, may also be quite humorous at times.

7. When you’ve rejected someone, how did you do it?

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Okay, it’s acceptable to take pleasure in your partner’s rejection of someone else. It’s also a lot of fun! Take joy in hearing about their awkward confessions about their lack of a relationship, even if you know better.

8. In your childhood, what’s the funniest story your parents used to tell about you?

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This will not only avoid them the shame of their parents telling you this story first, but it will also result in a terrific story.

9. Do you have any unusual talents that you’d like to share?

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Make them show it off if they say yes!

10. What’s the most memorable prank or surprise you’ve ever played on someone?

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Is it possible to be both hilarious and adorable at the same time with a single answer to this question?

11. Did your parents have a sex talk?

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Who doesn’t enjoy hearing embarrassing tales about the parents of their friends? When the parents explain the birds and bees to you, it’s a terrific discussion starter.

12. What about your parents’ sex lives? Have you ever walked in on them?

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All of my ex-boyfriends have answered yes to both of these questions when I’ve questioned them. Despite being horrific at the time, these tales provide for great fodder for modern comedic endeavors.

You’ll not only get to know your spouse better by laughing at these goofy questions and their responses, but you’ll also improve communication in the future.

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