Real-life Online Dating Success

Real-life Online Dating Success: 7 Women’s Advice

Are you wondering how to get real-life online dating success, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Get tips and advice on how to get a boyfriend and build a meaningful relationship–based on the experiences of women who do (or don’t!) have boyfriends, husbands, lovers and partners.

It would be ideal if your future husband came to your rescue as you struggled to extricate your Gucci slingback from the sewer grates while trying to avoid being hit by a UPS truck. As soon as he saw your eyes, he would fall head over heels in love with you. When it comes to the real world, you’re lucky if you meet someone with whom to share your life.

Dating apps are now the primary method of bringing people together. Despite this, we recognize that dating websites may be overwhelming and irritating, to say the least. So we contacted genuine women from across the country who had done it effectively and asked them for their top online dating advice.

7 Women’s Advice: Real-life Online Dating Success Stories

Look for someone who makes it easy for you.

Watch for the person that goes above and beyond for you. It demonstrates that he is interested in you and your life.

Let go of your “type” and find a new one.

In general, I’d advise my single friends to be open-minded and not limit themselves to one type of partner. Physically, I was swiping right on all the ultra-masculine and body builder types when I met my now-husband. You may think that only blonde men with hair like Thor or men shorter than 5’6″ are out of the question, but you’d be wrong. It was only after seeing his profile photo that I decided to take a chance on him, and I’m glad I did!

Take a look at his bio and see if they match.

There are so many things to learn about a person rather than just focusing on the fact that they’re on the cover of GQ. The images of my now-husband were quite ordinary; they weren’t exaggerated like so many others. Aside from an unassuming kitchen selfie and a few candid photos of himself and his dogs, he didn’t have any professional-looking headshots to show for it. He enjoys pizza and scotch. “I was sold,” I exclaimed.

Don’t be afraid of cultural differences.

In the end, I’m glad I took a risk and dated someone who was so different from me for four years, married for three years, and is now expecting a baby. Being receptive to one another’s differences and learning from one another’s cultural practices brought us closer than I had expected.

Compile a wish list of all the qualities you seek in a romantic partner.

You should be able to answer the question, ‘What are you looking for?’ without too much difficulty. Even though I thought it was a silly question to begin with, when my now-husband asked me that question on Bumble after we had already been talking for a while, he seemed like an honest and straightforward guy (which he is!) so I told him the truth. That was just what he had been looking for! To get the men who are sincere, don’t be scared to be upfront and honest in your dating life.

Make certain that your basic values are crystal apparent from the beginning.

Because my faith is so important to me, I was hesitant to use an app-based dating service in the beginning. I didn’t know how I would screen out men who didn’t share my core values. Be honest and open about your deal breakers, and never compromise your basic values or ideals for anyone, is the advice I’d provide to other online daters.

Reserve exciting topics of conversation for actual dates.

Moving things from my phone to real life as soon as possible was the key to my most successful dates with people I met on dating apps. Send each other a few messages to make sure you’re comfortable and interested in one other, but then devise a strategy for meeting up in person as soon as possible. It’s so easy for people to be one-dimensional on mobile apps. In order to set oneself up for success, it is best to let someone see the whole picture in person.

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