Reasons Why Loyalty Is Extremely Difficult

12 Reasons Why Loyalty Is Extremely Difficult

It’s no secret that infidelity is a common problem in relationships. Despite promising to be loyal, many individuals struggle to stay true to their partners. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why loyalty is extremely difficult, which can lead to the temptation to cheat.

So you’ve probably done everything in your power to make sure your partner has everything they could ever need, both physically and emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even financially. You did your best to give your partner everything they wanted and more.

In fact, you both thought the relationship was going well… until that text, phone call, a slip of the tongue, lingering scent of someone else on the clothes, or seeing your partner cuddle and kiss someone else. Everything you thought you knew about your relationship changes all of a sudden.

What Makes People Want to Cheat?

Why do they lie to begin with? Why do so many people still cheat after everything? If these questions are bothering you, stop thinking about them. Here, we’ll talk about what makes people want to cheat in the first place.

Commitment issues.

People cheat because they aren’t really into the relationship, which is one of the most obvious reasons. They are not ready or willing to settle down with one person yet. They don’t like being tied down or getting comfortable with just one person. So, they would still like to enjoy their freedom by going out with other people, even if it means hurting the feelings of the other person.


Some people may be committed to their partner but might be tempted to cheat out of curiosity at some point. They wanted to see what it was like to “explore other horizons” just to find out what it would be like to date a coworker or someone they met at a bar. Maybe they are drawn to cheating because they want to try something new and exciting. To them, cheating is just a challenge.

Need to be noticed.

People might be tempted to cheat because they want the attention they are getting from other people, like that hot barista at Starbucks who keeps writing sweet notes on their cups or that coworker in the corner cubicle who they’ll go to a convention with.


Sometimes, their partner might actually be ignoring them. People tend to leave a relationship when their needs and wants are not met. They might look for help from other people to fill the void that their partners can’t. But it’s likely that these people are only seeing what’s wrong with their partner and can’t see what they need to change about themselves in the relationship.


People will also sometimes get into relationships with big, maybe even unrealistic, hopes for the relationship and their partner. They may think that everything will go well in the relationship and can’t handle any problems.

They may also think that their partner is “all that,” but soon, they start to see the flaws in their partner. Then, these quirks turn them off and make them look for other people who they think can meet their expectations of what a relationship or partner should be.

Not enough thanks.

One of the basic needs of people, especially in romantic relationships, is to be liked and appreciated by the other person. This strengthens their feelings for each other and their closeness. But when people don’t feel valued and appreciated, they can grow apart and lose their connection.

Because of this, people may start to look elsewhere for people who show them the love they can’t get from their partners.

Not being close.

Being close isn’t just about having sex. The emotional bond you have with your partner is what makes you intimate. Many people are also tempted to cheat because they don’t feel emotionally close to their partner. People need to feel emotionally connected, so if their partner is emotionally distant or unavailable, they may want to be with someone who can meet their need for closeness.

Dissatisfaction in bed.

People can have sex with someone even if they don’t like them romantically, but a romantic relationship can’t grow with bad sex or no sex at all. When couples aren’t happy in the bedroom, it can be a big sign that one or both of them is cheating. One partner might try to find that satisfaction by paying someone for sex, having casual sex with random people, or having a full-blown affair with someone who can meet their needs in bed.

Greener grass.

Some people don’t have the ability to put off their own happiness for the sake of other people, a relationship, or more important long-term goals. Because of this, they are probably more focused on what they can get out of everything, including their relationship.

So, if they don’t feel like they’re getting what they want from their current relationship, they might look elsewhere, which can often mean having a relationship on the side to “get the best of both worlds,” so to speak.

To want to show something.

Whether it’s because of their ego or low self-esteem, people who are tempted to cheat may want to show they “still got it.” Sometimes, one partner isn’t enough for this kind of person, and they may also want to show themselves or other people that they are still attractive.

Partner going downhill.

People who care a lot about how they look may think about cheating when their partner gets fat, starts to nag, or just doesn’t care as much about how they look as they did at the beginning of the relationship. They may no longer find their partner attractive or appealing. This can make them want to find someone more attractive or better-looking.


In a relationship, both people should be sure of their place in the other person’s life and the relationship. It’s a fight-or-flight situation when someone feels threatened in any way. And people who are more likely to be tempted to cheat are more likely to choose the “flight” option. They run away from the problem instead of talking about it to make the relationship stronger.

Even though they feel safe, comfortable, loved, and secure, many people still can’t stay faithful. Still, the pull of going out with someone else seems to be stronger. When this happens, you need to look at your relationship and yourself more closely. Is there something wrong with you two? Have you grown? Is your partner different now? Were they bored? Are you stuck in a rut?

Taking a look at the problems that come up in relationships or with your partner can help you spot the warning signs and maybe even stop your partner from running around with someone else.

People may be tempted to cheat for many reasons, but in the end, you are only responsible for your actions, and they are only responsible for theirs.

So, knowing why people cheat can help you take a closer look at your relationship and stop the temptation before it grows.

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