Red Flags That Will Make Your Date Call it Quits

Red Flags That Will Make Your Date Call it Quits

Are you nervous about your upcoming date? Don’t let it be ruined by committing any of these embarrassing dating mistakes that are clear red flags that will make your date call it quits.

First dates are always an unpredictable mystery.

It can develop into something lovely, or it might fizzle out into an unpleasant breakup marked by mutual social media blocking. The first date could go wonderfully, but there’s also a chance you’ll be gritting your teeth the whole time, wishing the waiter would just bring the bill so you can leave.

Red Flags That Will Make Your Date Call it Quits
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The vast majority of people have a first date horror story. Perhaps your date was great up until she told you she wrecked her ex’s car because he was looking at another woman at the bar. Maybe the dude you’re going out with seemed very sweet at first, but then he got into a fight with a man you met on the way to the bar.

Don’t do these things on a first date:

Nothing says you HAVE to do anything on a first date; there just aren’t any guidelines. Do whatever you find amusing. A first date can be nerve-wracking, but there are few things you should never do.

That person who arrived late.

Especially on a first date, no one likes to be kept waiting. If you’re going to be late, it’s probably because your date doesn’t value your time very highly. The possibility of being stood up can plague even the most self-assured individuals.

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Plan for at least 30 minutes of extra time so that you won’t be late. That way, you won’t be rushed and will have time to spare in case of any unforeseen complications along the way, be they minor (like a delayed train) or major (like a car accident).

Dressing in an unflattering manner.

Dress down if you’re just grabbing a snack at the neighborhood bar. Don’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the gym, but don’t overdress either. For the record, I think anything that passes muster will do. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear anything overly exposing, like a tattered shirt or underwear that shows through your pants.

Air-phobic to death.

Just because there’s silence between you and your listener doesn’t imply you’ve hit a conversational wall. Simply put, you and your date are just waiting for one another to initiate a fresh conversation. Ignore the silence if you must.

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Don’t try to force anything; just go with the flow of the conversation. When you try too hard to start a conversation, you might end up sounding like a complete idiot. Having a spontaneous conversation with a date can quickly become awkward if neither of you knows what to say to each other.

An untidy eater.

When it comes to food, everyone has the freedom to choose what they put in their mouths. Nonetheless, this piece of advice is meant solely for those of you who aren’t the neatest of diners. If you’re going out on a date wearing a white shirt or dress, it’s probably best not to eat anything that could potentially stain your clothing, such a dish with a lot of sauce.

Complete and utter falsehoods.

That’s a question with an obvious answer. It’s normal to withhold information until you feel comfortable sharing it. However, flat-out lying is the worst possible action to take. It’s possible you figure you won’t have to deal with this individual ever again, so you feel comfortable telling a few little falsehoods. But what if you share a mutual buddy who discovers your lies? Wouldn’t it seriously damage your reputation?

Terribly low humor standards.

You never know when a jokey, off-the-cuff remark will anger your date. You might, without thinking, accuse women who spend an hour on their makeup of being shallow and vain.

Red Flags That Will Make Your Date Call it Quits
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But what if your date enjoys getting dolled up? What if this is her notion of “me time” and she enjoys every second of it? Keep the quips to a minimum until you and your date have become better familiar with one another and can appreciate one other’s eccentricities without becoming offended.

Incessant flirting.

Indeed, not every first date ends happily. If only it were not the case, life would be a breeze. Even if your date isn’t great and might even be terrible, that’s no excuse to start flirting with other people behind their backs.

Taking things to an extreme level too quickly.

It sounds like you two have a lot of chemistry. There are no blatant clues that you are on a date with a psychopath, yet the conversation and food are both excellent. Just how do we take this to the next level?

Do your best to maintain your composure and avoid coming off as one of the desperate dolts recommended in the preceding piece of advice.

Explicit assumptions about who pays the bill.

Red Flags That Will Make Your Date Call it Quits
*Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash

Whoever initiated the date or decided on the venue should typically foot the bill. But if the question of who is responsible for what costs remains unsettled, you could always try the Dutch solution. Splitting the bill in half is a safe bet.

Have a sufficient amount of cash on hand at all times to pay for your purchase in full. You should still offer to pay for your share of the bill, even if the males stand up and insist on footing the bill.

If you’ve ever been on a date, you could have encountered a few of these situations. Don’t repeat the same mistakes on your next batch of first dates. By avoiding these typical pitfalls, you can have a wonderful first date that just might lead to something more serious.

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