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Relationship Advice for Men: 26 Golden Rule

Do you think you want to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship? To avoid wasting time, money, and frustration from making the same mistake over and over again, these are the:

26 pieces of relationship advice for men

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1. A girlfriend who never posts your photos in a circle of friends is best to break up. She either thinks you are ugly, or she uses you as a spare tire. Face it, break up is the best choice.

2. If a girl says you are a scumbag, tease girls everywhere. You should reply to her: How can you say that when I don’t even tease you?

3. Keep complimenting a girl is the fastest way to destroy her. It is arrogant, but this trick is very insidious and cruel. It can kill people silently, and it can make her confident in many praises and flattery, and it will not let her until the day the truth is exposed. Painful.

Girls should pay attention, no matter how bluff the boys are to you, with all kinds of flattery, even if they describe you as the star in the sky, you have to know what you are inside. Not so much relationship advice for men is telling to keep on complimenting her, but always pay attention to this one, girls love flattery.

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4. If you want to say hello to the girl you like, don’t ask her what’s up.  She may tell you that she is breathing.

You can say: “I guess you are either busy or thinking about me,” “I found a little secret of yours.” Only conversations with topical topics will make her pay attention to you.

5. Ask her to go out. When crossing the street, pretend to make a call with your left hand and extend your hand to the girl with your right hand. She will give you her hand.

This might be the trickiest relationship advice for men that you might read.

6. Body movements can increase the relationship

7. The less handsome you are, the more you should pursue the beauties. Anyway, you are about to be disgusted by the girls, why not a beautiful girl? (some joking, but it’s the truth behind it. Some girls are afraid of deceiving the scumbag, handsome guys have more chances, so maybe they will like you.) Don’t persuade; go directly.

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8. Girls like most temperament boys. Reading is the best way to improve temperament.

And reading is the most cost-effective way to improve yourself; there is no better way. You can improve your overall cognition by reading. When I just graduated, I was very reckless. I always thought that I was the number one in the world and suffered a lot. Later, after being guided by a senior, I read various books and found that I was wrong. With this mentality, my career started to go smoothly, and my income increased a lot.

9. Being together does not mean being together for a lifetime; loving you does not mean loving you for a lifetime

10. Don’t try to explain when your girlfriend is angry with you, don’t avoid it, hug her, kiss her, and you’ll be done, 99% of the problems can be solved in less than three minutes.

11. Replace “what are you doing” with “I miss you”; Replace “What did you do” with “I have been worried about you”; Replace “this road is nowhere” with “go to the back door”

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12. The best place to fall in love in college is the library.

13. One thing that needs to clarify at the beginning of a relationship is, do you like her because of your loneliness or her beauty? Two purposes are two different ways to treat her.

14. When making intimate contact with girls, you must pay attention to two points:

(1) When we hold hands with a girl for the first time, don’t hold it and not let go. Let go of her hands after a few seconds so that the girl won’t be unpleased, you can hold it for a longer time next time.

(2) When you kiss a girl for the first time, if she does not show rejection, she is actually allowed you to take a step closer in her heart.

15. If you have no money, it will be tiring to fall in love. Therefore, you must make enough money.

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People who can make money have a common characteristic-they are good at finding new resources. Now is the Internet age. Only by knowing more and trying more than others can you make more money. Don’t think that if you have a job, you will be safe. It’s all nonsense. What do you do if the gadget company goes bankrupt? Be sure to prepare your second plan. I thought about various ways to make money when I was in college.

So far, I have screened a lot of more reliable ones, and these are all able to improve my personal ability while making money. If you plan to do a side job now. This relationship advice for men might be a bit tedious, but keep in mind that you are not only dating her now, you should plan for your future too.

16. Don’t treat the girls over texting as your girlfriends. The same is true for what purpose you are texting.

17. Don’t fall in love with a girl who is not grown up, and don’t find yourself a “daughter”. You are tired enough from work, and you will be angry if you find an ancestor to go home.

18. Regardless of whether you can go to the end and get married together, you must keep in mind that a good relationship must be that both parties trust each other and are positive. The relationship must make both parties feel happy and feel sweet.

If you feel that a relationship puts you under a lot of pressure and puts you in extreme depression every day, then it is better not to.

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19. When looking for a girlfriend, you must find someone with a sense of responsibility and good character who can distinguish right from wrong.

A person with a sense of responsibility won’t go bad.

20. Whether a girlfriend’s emotional intelligence is high or not directly determines whether a relationship is good.

This smartness does not mean how hard you work and how much you can make money. It is about knowing what the principle is and what things are free to joke about in handling some things between you.

21. After breaking up, don’t cry and yell to recover. Do you still feel waterproof after a mirror is broken?

22. What kind of person you are and what kind of life you want to live, talk about what kind of love you are.

23. Relatively speaking, boys who can write are more popular.

Writing can increase human brain activity and improve emotional intelligence because when we write things, we need to read, create, and understand new knowledge constantly. In this process, what our brain sees is also The more you have, the more you know than your peers. 

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And in this era, people who can write can get promoted faster in the workplace and monetize through writing in their spare time to create their IP and business model. 

24. Love is passion; marriage is tenderness.

Saying to her every day that I like you will make her feel a lot of pressure. It would be better to give her a rose every month. Every girl has a romantic gene in her heart.

25. It is unnecessary that you have to be of the same social status, but please do not differ too much. It will make your relationship a lot easier.

26. Hang out with girls and draw circles in her palms when holding hands.

Now that you have finally read this best relationship advice for men, hope you will take this to heart and learn some of the best skills to stay in a healthy and happy relationship.

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