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Serendipity 10 Love Lessons


A happy accident. What a nice surprise. Serendipity. That everything happens for a purpose that there are fortunate accidents in our life was reinforced by this film. Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sarah (Kate Beckinsale) taught us to look for signs, to believe in fate, and to know the word Serendipity through their work in the movie.

And like all romantic comedies, there are a few things we can take away from this one. Serendipity taught me a few things, and here are a few of them.

1. Don’t let a crowded mall packed of last-minute Christmas shoppers deter you from making a purchase. During the first few minutes of the film, we see a pair of black gloves making their way to a shelf in a store.

When faced with a predicament like this, what should we do? We’re heading in the opposite direction. I think we shouldn’t do it. We don’t know what fantastic things are in store for us. Take a chance. Even if something is worth having, it won’t be easy to get. And our two major characters’ love story wasn’t an easy one either.

2. Definitely. Yes. No. Maybe. Perhaps. No. Yes, I do believe that. Do you frequently change your mind when it comes to major decisions, such as moving out, finding a new job, or getting married? It’s okay to change your opinion, as Jonathan and Sarah demonstrate in the film. When in doubt, it is absolutely OK to follow a different path.

Towards the end of the film, both Jonathan and Sarah were positive that they were going to get married. Because of an accidental meeting they had a few years ago, they both wanted to make sure they were compatible before getting married.

3. Even if they didn’t meet each other again before their nuptials, they both decided to cancel. As a result, you can change your mind. Don’t get sucked into anything you’re unsure of.

Do you frequently find yourself thinking in that direction? Do you fantasize about it all the time? A thought has occurred to you. Even if you force yourself to forget about it? If that’s the case, it’s because you desire it that it’s upsetting you so much. Don’t put up a struggle with your emotions.

4. Serendipity’s two main characters experienced exactly this. As they no longer resisted the need to let go of the past, they turned their attention to finding a path that could bring them together again.

In the beginning, “I saw Sarah on the golf course, then she was trying to clip my hair, and then this man started singing Sarah.” Signs of the times. People or things that we think remind us of someone or something else. A few people, despite the fact that we’re all believers, insist that these are merely random occurrences. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether or not we believe in signals. No matter how many Sarahs we meet, we won’t be touched if we don’t already have affections for them.

5. Whether we believe in fate, destiny, or signs, we still have power over our own actions.

May the power be with you, or may it be against you. When we have a strong desire for something, we will often push ourselves to the limit in order to obtain it. No matter how hard you try, that one item just won’t come your way, no matter how many times you give it your all. If this is the case, you may need to take a step back and not try to push things any further.

6. In the same way that Jonathan and Sarah tried to rekindle their relationship by going to great lengths to be back together, you may have exhausted all of your options in the same way. What a travesty, though, they’ve become! It was only when they weren’t searching that they were able to find each other again.

7. When you’re not actively hunting for anything, you can just happen across it. In other words, while it is important to be a go-getter and pursue your goals, it is equally OK to sit back and wait. After exhausting all other choices, sometimes the best thing to do is to sit back and wait for things to work out on their own.

It’s okay if you’re exhausted. In the end, it’s better to give up than to continue. You and I have the same limitations as Jonathan did when he decided to give up his pursuit. Even our athletic prowess is no match for the haystack-like New York City search.

8. Even though Jonathan had no idea if Sarah was still in New York, he continued his hunt. Whenever you decide to give up on something, give yourself enough time to recover so you can try again later.

The rationale behind the search for Sarah’s location. In his explanation to his best buddy as to why he needed to find Sarah, Jonathan said something along the lines of: Halley (his current fiancée) is like the Godfather Part II. Sarah, on the other hand, is the Godfather, at least in Part I. To fully enjoy the sequel, you must first see the original film.

9. This can be used to a wide range of situations. To progress to the next chapter, you must first close the one that came before. It’s a concept that only humans can comprehend.

10. In the final act, the final strike. “You know what they say when you get married or enter into a long-term commitment?” Have one more go at it! That’s true, it’s okay to flirt and have a brief affair before committing your heart and mind to one particular person.

Bring on the pyrotechnics. There are only a few people in the world that you have sparks with, so keep them. As if there were no one else in the room, this is what happens when you meet someone for the first time.

Some people you meet in public areas, such as at bars or restaurants, may not always make you feel this way. As soon as you meet the one person who can make you feel that way, hold on to them as long as possible… unless fate intervenes.

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