Sex on the First Date

Sex on the First Date: Expert’s Best Opinion

There is absolutely no problem with having sex on the first date if you finish your pinot. Unless you’ve made a conscious decision to keep your sexuality a secret until a certain point in your dating life, you don’t have to. Although it should be obvious, a growing number of women forgo sex on their first dates in order to prevent getting “contaminated.” I hate the word because it promotes an outdated social pressure that nonetheless persists to the present day.

“There is absolutely no problem with having sex on the first date”

You may not even be aware that this is what’s preventing you from moving forward. You’re not alone in thinking that you can enjoy your sexual life without giving any thought to the factors that have formed it in the past. You may be sexually awoke, but you may not be aware that you’ve absorbed certain sexist standards that you carry into your relationships.

Because of this, even if you’re in love with your date and want to jump their bones, you can pause or avoid the act altogether because you don’t want your date to lose respect for you. But I’m here, with the help of specialists, to clear things up.

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To begin, you must identify the source of your ambivalence over having sex on a first date.

Think about your sex views and ask yourself:

  • Do you know what swayed them? What about my loved ones? Friends? What are your memories of the past?
  • What are my own personal sexual guidelines?

While the answers aren’t always obvious—perhaps even with the help of a (sex) therapist—you’ll gain insight into the impressions that other people have had on your sexual life and be better able to differentiate what is true and what is not true.

You shouldn’t keep your dress or jeans buttoned because you’re afraid your date won’t appreciate you after the first date sex. Do you really want to sleep with someone you believe is capable of something like that?

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All that should stand between you and a long-term relationship with this person is your level of comfort with them and whether or not they fulfill your requirements for a potential partner.

Is it true that your date will lose interest in you if you have sex with them? It’s safe to say that if this happens, they probably weren’t all that emotionally interested in you before the sex as well. Again, if you’re looking for something more than a one-night stand, it’s best to find out now rather than later, when you’re already invested in the person.

You don’t have to wait if all you’re thinking about after the first date is how much you’d like to take them to bed, rather than how much promise you see in them as a long-term companion. Go for it, and have fun with it.

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