Sexting With Friends Is The New Trend

Sexting With Friends Is The Naughty New Trend

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about the most popular trend that has emerged in the world in recent years? The practice of frexting or sexting among friends is currently the new trend, and I’ll explain why you should participate in it.

Sexting is something that I’m sure all of you are familiar with. You’ve undoubtedly all been on both ends of some hot and steamy sexts—receiving them and sending them—and you’ve definitely also sent out plenty of sexy images of your private bits to possible hook-ups and even someone you’re already in a relationship with.

What exactly is “sexting”?

If you have been living or residing under a rock ever since text messaging began enabling photos to be sent over as well, then it would make a lot of sense that you are not aware with the term “sexting.” After all, there is not a whole lot of cell service beneath a rock that is THAT huge, is there?

For those of you who still live in the stone age, the term “sexting” refers to sending or messanging sexually explicit text messages and images to another person. In all honesty, it could be anyone. As long as the content is crude, lewd, and refers to sexual activity, then it can be considered a sext.

Decoding of the Frexting

If you take sexting one step further and just send these kinds of text messages and photographs to your pals, then you are engaging in frexting, which the media and the rest of the world have begun to refer to as “freaking out.” AKA: texting with a pal. Who is to say whether or not the word will ever be included in the Oxford Dictionary, but there it is, in all of its fabricated beauty?

Why you ought to be sending your friends text messages?

Since I have known that I can, in fact, send pictures to my best friend, I have been frexting her ever since I discovered that I could do so – and don’t even get me started on how much simpler this is thanks to the invention of snapchat. I don’t understand why this trend is only becoming popular now.

Do you know the reason why everyone else, including yourself, should be frexting their friends? I do because I’ve been doing it for years now, but do you? Here are all of the reasons why sexting with friends has recently become so popular and why you should also join in on the fun and participate in this trend yourself.

#1 It provides you with a tremendous boost of self-assurance.

I don’t know how it is for you, but anytime I go somewhere where my friends are, they shower me with compliments, which always makes me feel like a million bucks. Do you find that to be the case? However, when I need a boost in my self-assurance, my buddies aren’t always around to give it to me.

If you can connect to this, then you are going to really adore frexting since it provides you with the confidence boost that you are so sorely in need of but don’t want to submit yourself to some weird stalking from the person with whom you’ve only been on two terrible dates. Getting a confidence boost from a friend through sexting is exactly what you need.

#2 You are provided with a second opinion that is objective.

Sending a sexual photograph of yourself to your friends via frext is an excellent way for them to provide you with candid criticism on the photo, even though it may be a stretch to call their opinions “unbiased.” They will explain to you exactly why it is wonderful, as well as the reasons why it might be too much to send to the person you just met on Tinder.

You could inquire as to whether or not the bra you’re wearing looks good, whether or not the pants you’re wearing are too tight or not attractive, or even whether or not you appear toned and fit. This is a terrific thing to do before going out for a big night where there is a possibility of being laid or if you simply want to send the same snapshot to a new beau.

#3 Your friendship will become even closer as a result.

When two people who are already close friends exchange sexually explicit text messages, they form a closeness that cannot be replicated in any other way. Sending each other photos of yourself in various stages of undress strengthens your relationship in a significant and positive way.

#4 You are confident that people will respond to you as you ought to be received.

You do not get the reaction you deserve when you send a guy an incredibly hot and sexy photo that took you hours to obtain the proper angles and lighting. No, getting a reply from a guy that says “nice ;)” is not the reaction you deserve.

You have earned a “Hell yeah, gal!” from everyone. Get it! Ow ow! Looking sexy!” And this is what you will receive from a buddy as opposed to some random person – even if he is the guy you are dating.

#5 It is a more secure option than sending to a new acquaintance.

You are aware that your friend is not going to keep the picture, put it in a folder, and title it “blackmail” so that they can use it in the future. They are a friend of yours! They will look at the sext, respond to you with the answer you are searching for, and then never look at it again.

When you send one of these to a guy, there is a pretty good possibility that he will either show it to their friends, save it in case you ever try to leave them, or do something else with it. You just don’t know what they will do with it. You’re safer frexting.

#6 It’s a lot of fun!

When I’m bored during the day, I’ll sometimes take off my clothes and send a sext to a friend just because I think it’s funny and it helps keep things interesting. Other times, I have no need to do either of those things other than the fact that I find them enjoyable. Therefore, if you are uninterested in doing anything else and are at a loss for what to do, start frexting!

Sending inappropriate photos to a friend can be a lot of fun, but you won’t understand how much delightful it is unless you try it for yourself. You’re going to love how it makes you giggle, how good it makes you feel about yourself, and how much fun it is in general.

#7 There aren’t any hidden agendas here.

You are not expecting to gain anything from the sext, other than perhaps a lovely compliment, and neither is your friend looking to get bedded as soon as you come over, which is an effect that sexting a significant other may have the potential to have.

You are aware that sending this sext is nothing more than a silly way to pass the time, and that there are in no way any expectations associated with it. Knowing that you can sext a friend without feeling any sense of guilt provides you with peace of mind.

#8 You now have someone to keep you accountable and share your success with.

This is one of the less common justifications for sending a text message, but it’s definitely a good one. I just decided that it was time for my slender frame to start lifting weights in order to develop a gorgeous and bodacious booty for myself.

Who else but a close friend can I brag to about the progress I’ve made in my exercise routine? I start frexting by putting on some lace panties, exposing my booty, and popping it out. Not only will it make you feel cute, sexy and good about yourself, but it will also allow you to track your progression and keep you encouraged to continue working out.

#9 Even if you don’t have a significant other, this affords you the opportunity to flaunt your fresh undergarments.

How else would anyone find out that you just spent one hundred dollars at Victoria’s Secret on the sexiest underwear you’ve ever owned if you didn’t brag about it? Recently, I went a whole year without being in a relationship, and I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that nobody would get to see my cute underpants throughout that time.

To my relief, I recalled that frexting is an actual practice, and I immediately started bragging about my new purchases to some of my acquaintances. They were overjoyed at the opportunity to see the adorable pants, and the experience inspired several of them to purchase similar items for themselves.

#10 It will help you become a better sexter.

Isn’t it true that practice makes perfect? That is undeniably the case with regard to the practice of sending texts. When you practice frexting frequently, you will learn the ideal photo angles and lighting that make you appear amazing.

You will also get feedback from your friends on what works and what doesn’t, which will help you become an expert in the art of sexting when the time comes for you to really send a racy photo to someone you have a crush on.

Recently, frexting has been getting a lot of attention, and I can understand why that is. Sexting with friends is the newest fad that has emerged, and with all of these wonderful reasons, everyone ought to give it a shot at least once.

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