Should You Be Afraid of Having a Crush on a Friend, or is it Completely Safe?

Does having a crush on a buddy make you feel unsafe? Rarely would we say that. Maybe you look up to your friend and feel like you have a lot in common with them.

The conventional definition of a crush is an intense and immediate attraction to a new person. No one else comes to mind besides them. But the reality is that sometimes we just don’t see a crush coming. When we least expect it, they sneak up on us. In certain cases, the object of our affection is not a stranger but a buddy.

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The truth is, it’s not exactly a romantic scenario. It’s usually something you admire or respect about them. The emotion of envy may be at play at times. But it’s remarkably similar to the love infatuation you have when you see someone you really adore.

This sensation can be very intense at the time. This individual may become the center of your world, and you may subconsciously wish to emulate them. Being best friends is a natural progression from being friends with someone.

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Relax, you’re not losing your mind. Not feeling sexually or romantically attracted to someone does not indicate you have suddenly developed these feelings. It’s nothing to worry about; you just have a crush on a friend.

A friendly crush is…

Any feelings you have for a friend are strictly platonic and neither romantic nor sexual. In truth, it’s quite sugary. It could be a new acquaintance or someone you’ve known for a while with whom you’ve recently begun to spend more time.

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Something about them strikes you as admirable. It’s also possible that you admire them because they possess qualities you lack. This might be an outward appearance, like excellent hair or an effortless sense of style, or an inward quality, like a terrific sense of humor or the knack for making friends wherever you go.

Having a crush on a friend doesn’t mean anything bad, but it does mean you should examine your own feelings and figure out what makes this person so appealing to you outside of romantic relationships. Think about what you feel you’re missing. Nothing is missing from your life, although you may just feel that way.

Indicators that your crush on a friend is becoming more than platonic:

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The indicators of a friend crush are similar to those of a romantic one, so let’s have a look if you’re still unsure.

1. You long for quality time with them.

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Without question, when you have a crush on someone, you want to spend as much time as possible with them. You’re head over heels in love if you find yourself making up reasons to see this individual.

2. Being able to identify shared interests and experiences brings joy.

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You’ll be relieved to learn that you share more in common than you thought, given how much you admire this individual. You can find yourself comparing yourself to your crush from time to time but be careful not to make yourself look bad.

3. When you know you’ll soon be reunited with them, you can’t help but feel happy.

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When you finally get to meet your romantic interest, anticipation, and butterflies ensue. You’ll experience a unique emotion, and it will be pleasant.

4. You can feel envious if you spend time with other people.

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Keep in mind that you should not treat this as if you had a romantic interest in this individual because they are not your partner. Of course, you’ll feel a twinge of jealousy whenever they hang out with anyone but you. It’s an unmistakable indicator of a platonic love interest.

5. When you hear from them, you feel elated.

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You’ll have a great time cheering up when they contact you out of the blue. That’s because knowing that someone put you in their thoughts gives you an emotional lift.

6. To be with them, you forego other activities.

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Indulging in this habit too frequently can have fatal consequences, so exercise caution. If you have a good time with them, you may want to spend even more time with them and wind up canceling on other people. Don’t do that; we all need a few close buddies to get by.

7. Is it appropriate to confess your feelings to a friend?

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Who decides? If you have a crush on someone, you should tell them, but tread carefully when doing so. It’s possible they’ll misinterpret your words and feel the need to put some space between you. If you’re close to this individual, you can make light of your crush or whatever quality you admire.

Perhaps this will flatter them? I wonder how you’d react if a friend joked that they have a crush on you because of your funny personality. Or that they have a secret crush on your locks? You’d probably feel fairly ecstatic. Tell them you have a crush on them and brighten their day, so long as you don’t mean it romantically.

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Simply put, the highest compliment one can receive is to have a crush on a friend. Tell them what you appreciate about them, but don’t go overboard with your feelings or you risk coming across as creepy.

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