Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You

Are you tired of constantly wondering if he’s into you or not? Don’t fret, because these signs that a guy is attracted to you will help you decode his true feelings.

A lot of guys cross your path. But are you familiar with a man’s signals of interest?

From time to time, you’ll cross paths with someone who seems keen on developing a deeper relationship with you. Maybe you’re missing the point of his overzealousness and he’s trying to tell you he’s attracted to you.

All the ladies are aware now that men develop feelings for a woman far more rapidly than women do for a man. This means that many men have probably fallen for you after only one discussion.

It’s highly likely that you didn’t notice the guy was trying to hide his feelings for you when he was flirting with you.

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When it comes to guys, these are the most blatant and subtle indicators of attraction:

Do you wish to learn the tells that guys use to let girls know they’re attracted to them whenever they’re interacting with them, whether overtly or covertly? See whether he has more than just platonic interests in mind by looking for these indicators of romantic interest.

It’s normal for someone to be interested in you for a while, but if his feelings last longer than that, something is off.

1. The relationship between them becomes more intimate.

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Does he probe for details about your life right off the bat? Whether he does, he’s probably attracted to you and only checking to see if you’re free before he shows his true feelings.

If he brings up your current relationship status or asks you other personal questions about your romantic life on a first date, he’s obviously into you.

2. He really wants to make you happy.

On the other hand, a guy who likes you from the start of your talk may strive too much to impress you. A guy who is attempting to win your approval will be too concerned with your well-being and will ask you frequently if there is anything he can get or do for you.

3. He always says you look great.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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Let’s face it, compliments, especially those of a more intimate nature, may be awkward. Is this new guy impressed by your smile or outfit? A person who likes you will try to find a way to express it.

4. His smile won’t leave his face.

You can tell a guy is really excited to be talking to you if he starts smiling and blushing uncontrollably without any obvious provocation.

5. He can’t take his eyes off of you.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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A man who is hopelessly smitten with you will inevitably spend long periods of time gazing intently into your eyes. Deep, sparkling eyes are a sure sign that he enjoys your company.

6. He’s trying to get your focus.

Does he talk more or do more shenanigans to catch your attention when there are other males around? A guy who likes you would do whatever to get you to stop paying attention to the other guys around you.

7. He wants to guard you from everything.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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Does he act overly protective while you’re together? One of the strongest indications of a man’s attraction is when he attempts to be cautious around you, even if it’s only in subtle ways.

8. There are always ways he manages to run into you again.

Does he inquire as to your plans for the upcoming weekend or day? These are the kinds of questions a guy may ask on a first date because he wants to see you again soon.

9. He always reveals his single status.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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One of the most attractive qualities in a man is if he tells you right off the bat that he’s available for a relationship. He wouldn’t tell you he’s single unless he was looking for someone to fill that void in his life.

10. He’ll jump in and offer assistance with anything you need.

He offers his services if you need your apartment painted. Or, if you need an oil change but are unsure of where to go, he will point you in the right direction.

11. Incessantly, he texts you.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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The frequency with which he texts you is another indicator that he likes you. When a guy likes you, he doesn’t want you to forget about him, therefore he makes an effort to keep in touch.

12. He keeps your history in his mind.

Perhaps you were telling him about your grandfather’s death when you were 12 years old. Maybe you told him about Jed, the kid who picked on you when you were younger. If he remembers what you say and mentions it later, he’s interested in you.

13. He’s always inviting you out.

Signs That a Guy is Attracted to You
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He must be physically around you. No matter what you do together, he always tries to convince you to do more with him.

Sometimes he may even confess his feelings for you. But if you want to know if a guy likes you subtly, these are the indications you need to see.

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