Signs That Your Best Friend Is Secretly Crushing On You

Signs That Your Best Friend Is Secretly Crushing On You

You two get along famously. However, you’ve seen a shift in recent times and are perplexed by its cause. You may want to pay attention to these signs that your best friend is secretly crushing on you.

Despite how easily we may deduce a person’s character from the things they say and do, when love is involved, even the most reliable of friends can surprise us. Now, how can you tell if your friend is crushing on you?

Have you ever thought of someone you thought of as a “simply friend” actually had other interests?

When infatuation enters the scene, it might be difficult to detect the delicate and covert form of love that exists, but there are always a few obvious indicators that friends give away when they’re crushing on you.

All you have to do is watch how they act around you to see the signs.

What to do if you think a friend has a crush on you, but they’re trying to hide it.

Have you noticed that your friend has begun to act strangely toward you, perhaps by messaging you more frequently or avoiding you in public?

Suddenly become more concerned with how they look or your love interests?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s likely that your friend has a secret crush on you.

Look at these indicators to determine for yourself if your friend has a crush on you.

Someone just won’t stop messaging you.

If your friend suddenly starts texting you a lot, it could be because they have a crush on you. Have they started texting you several times a day for no apparent purpose other than to catch up? It’s a great sign that your friend is completely enamored with you if they keep thinking about you or reaching out to you even when they should be having fun.

They are constantly watching you.

Do you feel like your pal is constantly staring at you? Assuming that’s the case, your friend may have a crush on you. If you have, unless you have food in your mouth, you definitely have a crush on this person.

You may also notice that they divert their attention away from you anytime you make eye contact with them. This awkward avoidance of eye contact demonstrates a level of interest in you beyond mere platonic admiration.

You are being shunned in public.

When you go out together, has your pal suddenly become more distant than usual? Do they continue to be too nice *and nearly flirtatious* while you’re alone with them?

This could be a hint that they have a crush on you but don’t want their buddies to know about it.

They enjoy taking you by surprise.

Does your pal ever give you unexpected gifts? Do they frequently make a pit stop at your favorite bakery to pick up a treat? Do they always try to figure out what you’d want to listen to next or what book you might enjoy reading? Do they seem eager to go the extra mile to meet your needs?

If they do, you can bet it’s because they have a crush on one of their friends.

They’re prepared to assist you whenever you’re ready.

When you invite a friend, do they always show up? When it wasn’t necessary, did this friend still try to be there for you?

Someone who cares about you will make the effort to be present at whatever event you organize just so they may spend more time with you.

They brag about you to all of their pals.

Do you know any of their other friends? How well do they seem to know you? Do you get instant chemistry from them?

If you answered yes, your buddy may have a crush on you because they’ve been mentioning you a lot. Your friend wouldn’t bring you up unless you were on their mind.

Even when you look your worst, they still find a way to praise you.

Does your pal tell you how cute you look even while you’re slouching around in sweats and appearing exhausted? Do they try to cheer you up in times of distress? What about after a split or disagreement with your own boyfriend, have they ever told you that you look good?

Do they seem to be reaching for compliments to throw your way? Obviously, they must like you quite a bit to go to such lengths.

They empathize with you.

When something bad happens to you, does your friend react furious or upset? How frequently do they wish ill onto individuals who have wronged you? Do you sometimes feel like your friend is more concerned than you are about the muddle you’re in?

If the response is yes, it’s evident they have strong feelings for you, which could be another indication your friend has a crush on you.

They always treat others with kindness and respect.

Can you believe how courteous and thoughtful your friend has become? If you get a “yes,” it’s possible they’re attempting to make a good impression on you. They must like you more than they’re letting on if they’re going to such lengths to show it.

Everyone you tell a joke to bursts out laughing.

Has your friend found you to be the source of all their laughter recently? Do they clap and cheer at your own terrible jokes, or do you have to tell them to shut up? Perhaps your friend has a secret crush on you and is attempting to avoid you coming to their attention.

Although it is possible to lie with words, nonverbal cues are much more difficult to fake. This is due to the fact that disguising the truth through body language is next to impossible.

Some of these blatant clues may not apply to you at all. There is a strong possibility that your friend has a crush on you and likes you if you can identify even four or five of the symptoms in this list.

If your friend has a crush on you, but they’re trying to hide it, these indications will let you know for sure. To be sure, ask them.

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