Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One You Should Be Dating

The fact that you two have always been friends does not disqualify them as a romantic possibility. Maybe you’re passing up an amazing opportunity by not trying this out. Here are some signs that your best friend is the one you’ve been looking for.

Is it possible that your best buddy could be the one?

Whether or whether you have already romanticized them, you should ask yourself if there is more to your connection than meets the eye. Some of the following characteristics suggest that your best friend could be the one for you.

It’s constantly brought up by other friends. 

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Your closest friends and family members are always trying to figure out when you two will be spending time together, and you have to keep trying to convince them that you’re simply good friends. Even if you and your best buddy aren’t aware of it just yet, there is undeniable electricity between you.

You’re far too affectionate for your own good. 

You and your best friend are probably more physical than the usual BFF pair. You routinely break the touch barrier with them, and your hugs tend to last longer than usual, and you fiddle with your hair while you talk to them. In addition, you two frequently engage in playful banter and provocative teasing.

You two never have any major disagreements. 

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You’re best friends, so you’ve shared secrets and let off steam about anything from relationships to work stress. If you and your potential partner share similar views on these topics, especially those pertaining to dating, you may be a good fit for one other.

A day without a quick check-in between you two feels incomplete. 

When you’re apart, they’re the first person you think of talking to about everything, and you both want to stay in continuous communication.

The silence was not uncomfortable. 

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It’s great to have adventures together, but you’re also quite content to spend time together doing absolutely nothing. It’s quite acceptable to simply sit silently together. Simply put, you like each other’s company.

You two have a deep, in-depth interest in each other’s life. 

Besides them, you care for their other friends and family members. You keep tabs on when their sister gets tests and when their mother has crucial doctor’s appointments, and you worry about how they go.

Happiness and delight are in the air. 

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One
*Image source: Pexels/ Katerina Holmes

Spending time with them makes you feel relaxed and content, and whatever you do together is enjoyable. Even when you’re feeling down, they can make you laugh and smile.

The two of you are so in tune with each other that it’s almost as if you can communicate telepathically. 

You understand one another perfectly; you’re able to finish each other’s sentences. In addition, you wouldn’t be whole if they weren’t there to back you up in life.

Whenever they achieve anything or fall short of expectations, you feel as happy or sad for them as if they were your own. 

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One
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No fake smiles or sad faces can be found. You feel their anxiety when they tell you about an approaching job interview or exam.

You take them as they are, flaws and all. 

They can be completely open and insane in your presence, yet you will still love them. You are aware of their flaws and remorse, but you are content to embrace them anyhow.

You spend most of your time talking about them. 

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One
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Even when you attempt to avoid it, you can’t help but bring them up in conversation with your other pals. You even take pride in bragging about their accomplishments and relating their humorous anecdotes as if they were your own.

You don’t have to pretend. 

You aren’t concerned with making a good impression or conforming to their expectations. You don’t need to put any effort into looking presentable; your natural beauty is plenty. With them, you have the best of times.

They have a complete and thorough understanding of you. 

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One
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They are aware of all your worst quirks and vices, as well as your most private and shameful secrets. You may tell them anything, and they won’t criticize you, and vice versa; they’ll gladly tell you their own deepest, darkest secrets.

When you meet them, you’re treated like family.

You have a natural rapport with them, and they would be overjoyed if you started dating. They may wonder why you’re not already dating. Their parents know your name, their mother has invited you to Sunday lunch, and they expect you to be a part of their important family events.

Signs That Your Best Friend Is The One
*Image source: Pexels/ Keira Burton

A word of warning about dating your best friend: if things don’t work out, it can be very difficult to get back to how things were before. Despite the potential dangers, dating can seem worthwhile if you know you’ll be spending time with someone you trust completely.

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