Signs That Your Honeymoon Is Coming To An End

Are you worried that the romance in your relationship has faded away? Your relationship may even improve as time passes, so don’t fret.

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The length of the honeymoon phase is not defined by law. It may take a few weeks, or it may take a few years. In any case, its identity is without dispute. It’s when a couple is so in love with each other that they can’t stay away from each other.

They are so completely and repulsively head over heels for one other that they can’t stand being apart from one another and refuse to perceive even the slightest flaw in the other. To them, it wouldn’t matter if you told them their spouse was a serial killer.

When the honeymoon phase passes, why you shouldn’t panic.

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The following list not only details some of the telltale indicators that your relationship’s honeymoon phase is drawing to a close but also elaborates on what those signs signify for the future of your partnership as a whole and why they may really be a positive thing.

1. Passing gas.

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Even if farting in each other’s faces is on the more obscene end of the personal habit continuum, the argument is well taken. The truth is that there is a breaking point in every relationship.

There comes a time when striving to impress is less important than it was before when you no longer have to suffer through stomach cramps with heroic endurance. That’s positive, by the way. It’s evidence that you’ve reached a point of self-acceptance as well as mutual acceptance and warmth. Soak up the independence!

2. Totally unable to connect. 

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When you weren’t talking on the phone, the popping tones of fresh text messages were always there in your ears; do you miss those days? You and your companion may only interact at set times each day.

We shouldn’t waste too much time lamenting this, though. All this means is that you won’t feel nearly as compelled to constantly bring the other person’s attention back to the fact that you exist. And, let’s be honest, you’re probably getting a lot more done now that you aren’t constantly checking your phone.

3. Trying to downplay the significance. 

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When the honeymoon phase ends, you may put less importance on your appearance. Not that you should go ahead and take showers out of a can and skip laundry for a week. That’s unacceptable under any conditions.

It’s possible that you’re not spending as much time on your three-hour-long fastidious grooming campaign as you formerly did. And that’s fine, as long as you put out some effort when you’re with your special someone. Enjoy the actual benefits of love by finally being at ease with yourself and your spouse.

4. Truthfulness is always preferable. 

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Maybe you pretended to enjoy Vietnamese food since it was one of your date’s favorites, but in reality, you despise it. It happens to us, especially in the early stages of a relationship. What you’re doing is fine for a short period of time, but do you really want to keep up that charade for the remainder of your natural life? Obviously not.

Once you’ve grown to love someone, as opposed to simply falling in love with them, you may confidently discuss your preferences and demands without fear of rejection. It’s true that the honeymoon period may passed, but I think it was worth it. Don’t you agree?

5. Happiness is a state that one actively cultivates. 

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During this happy time, it’s best to avoid putting out any bad energy. You grit your teeth, brush off the bumps in the road you’re now traveling, and carry on regardless of the circumstances. But this is when the love that has been cultivated over time throws the honeymoon stage to the curb. The ability to open up about difficulties in life and receive or offer assistance in overcoming them is central to the concept of love.

6. PDA Oblivion. 

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Stopping to show public shows of affection is a sure sign that you’ve moved past the honeymoon phase of your relationship. There may be friction here if one partner in the partnership has an unhealthy obsession with public displays of affection, but this is a simple problem to solve.

Nothing to worry about if it’s completely mutual, though. Realize that time has passed and that, as you’ve become accustomed to one another, the urgency of proclaiming your love to the world has diminished. This is not a terrible thing.

7. Resting and relaxing. 

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For the most part, you no longer need to worry about or focus on how you come across as much as you did during those months prior. You might be concerned that letting your guard down with someone who knows and loves you means the end of a great chapter, but isn’t it better to be yourself than to put on an act for someone who doesn’t know or care about the real you?

The end of the honeymoon stage does not signal the end of the relationship but rather a new phase. Take pride in your progress and congratulate yourself on making it to the next level of the relationship game.

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