Signs Your Spouse Is Having A Midlife Crisis

Signs That Your Relationship Is Dying

Signs That Your Relationship Is Dying

If you’ve barely been dating for three months, how can you know if your relationship is headed for failure?

How can you know if your relationship with someone is going to endure after three months of dating? How much should you push your guy?

The initial few months of any relationship should be filled with passion, excitement, butterflies, and a desire not to be away for any length of time. Is this a description of yourself? This isn’t true for most people, unfortunately.

What’s the significance of the three-month mark?

The three-month mark is critical because it shows how well-behaved your guy is. You may have seen a couple of his flaws, but they were few and far between. Be so infatuated with your sex and love that you don’t mind it at all.

Consider yourself out of the running if you notice anything creeping in or if there are any serious red flags. Before your heart takes a beating, perhaps you could focus your efforts on something far more deserving.

As a result, let us investigate the warning signs. It’s time to break up with him after a three-month relationship.

Slows down the flow of information.

Your phone should be warm to the touch for the first three months after purchase. He should be on all of your messaging apps, and you should talk to him every day. If he’s busy at work or something comes up, he won’t have time to converse. On the other hand, if texting and chatting are declining, there’s clearly something going on.

It’s becoming more difficult to locate him.

Is there a decrease in the frequency of date nights and unplanned Netflix and relax evenings? Ladies, this is a clear warning sign that something is amiss. It’s all about the novelty and intrigue, once again. You should expect a regular dating schedule, even if it means seeing each other every free moment you have.

He could be spending more time with his buddies than he used to, but it’s not a cause for alarm just yet. Maybe one of his crew members is going through a rough patch and needs him to be there for them. Bring it up with him if it’s a recurring issue.

Suddenly, he’s known as Mr. Vague.

Even if you’re not planning weddings or moving in together, you should be able to chat about the next month or two after dating for three months. For example, have you and your family discussed taking a weekend trip to celebrate the impending arrival of summer vacation? What’s the reason for not doing so?

What does he say if you mention doing this in a few weeks or next month? If it’s unclear, you need to question why.

You haven’t yet met his other buddies.

After three months, it’s not unusual for him to have not met his parents. But not having met his friends? That’s out of the ordinary. That is, indeed, a bit strange.

Take him out to the bar on the weekends if he’s interested in you that much and eager to flaunt your virtues. He’s not going to mind if his friends hang out with you.

You haven’t become official ON Instagram or Facebook yet.

Having an official social media presence, even if you’re not 12, is a big thing. It reads, “I’m already yours.” There’s a reason his relationship status is still listed as “single” on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Slowing down PDA.

PDA isn’t for everyone, even among guys. Why does your guy no longer grasp your hand if he used to? You’ll have a problem for the duration of your relationship if he’s a complacent person now! In public, he should hold your hand or demonstrate some type of devotion towards you. After all, you’re not his sister.

There is less of a desire for sex now.

To be honest, I don’t want to do this, but I’m forced to. If he was interested in you in the beginning but has drifted away after three months, it’s likely that he’s found someone else to pay attention to.

If something goes wrong, he’s not there for you.

Men may not know how to help a lady who is inconsolable. It’s a sad fact that some women have no idea how to offer support to a grieving female friend. If, however, you discover that he makes no effort to assist you in times of need, that should set off alarm bells!

If any of these ten red flags apply to you, I’m here to offer some consolation. Considering how little time was lost, it’s easy to put the event aside and continue with your life.

Go out and get a little drunk to help you deal with the situation. Facebook is a great place to post heartfelt messages. Even if you ignored these warning signs for three months, your future self has benefited greatly.

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