Signs That You're A Good Fit For Marriage

14 Signs That You’re a Good Fit for Marriage

In this article, discover the ostensibly serious, but occasionally amusing telltale signs that you’re a good fit for marriage that we’ve compiled.

If you’re ready to get married, how do you know when you are? In the end, that’s the big question. “When you know, you know!” is a common response to this query from the outside world. More than just being in love is needed for a successful marriage; it is necessary that you two are good fit for marriage.

Are you two fit for marriage?

1. You adore your own self-worth.

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In order to be happy with another person, you must first be content in your own body and mind. There are times when it’s tempting to lean on your partner for support, but marriage is about two people coming together, not one. When you’re happy with who you are, you’re less likely to turn to your spouse to fill in the blanks in your life.

2. The Love Songs You Previously Called “Silly” Now Make Sense to You.

So sorry to hear that. In the past, you used to make fun of those sappy songs that conveyed the pain of being apart from a loved one. But then bae has to go on a business trip, and suddenly your chest is heavy, your insides are writhing, and you’ve just sobbed at a gum advertisement. Oof.

3. Even after a year of dating, you haven’t found the right person for you yet.

If you’re thinking of being “for better or worse” with someone else, please tell us you’ve deleted your dating apps and stopped communicating with the cute dog park guy.

Don’t worry about whether or not your relationship is the best you can make it; instead put your energy towards improving it.

4. You’re Protected by More than Just Your Relationship.

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If your friends and relatives tell you this is the end of the road, congratulations! As soon as they start raising red lights about you-know-who, it may be time to slow down.

5. Together, You Kind of Feel Like Superheroes.

It’s a good indicator if your dynamic duo can take on the world at times, whether it’s tackling a grocery list together or putting together a particularly difficult piece of Ikea furniture. Teamwork and innovative problem solving are the keys to peak coupledom. Save-the-dates aren’t necessary if you and your partner are always up for a good time.

6. Apologizing Isn’t a Problem for You.

Any relationship that’s going to last has a partner who can say, “I’m sorry,” without looking away. Furthermore, it must be genuine!

7. When things get heated, you don’t make threats about leaving.

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Rushing out of the house while something in your kitchen is on fire is the worst thing you can do. There are red flags that should be raised if your partner is avoiding unpleasant conversations or making scary ultimatums to you. When problems develop, a couple must work together to put them out. Firefighters are sexy for a reason.

8. Exes can be discussed openly and amicably.

Talking about hot-button issues… When you’re dating someone new, it’s a good idea to make sure he or she is entirely over any former flames and has learned from his or her past relationships. An excessive number of “crazy ex-girlfriends” could be an indication that the accuser is to blame.

9. You are aware that effort is a requirement.

That real love is effortless is a common refrain from everyone. That’s a load of nonsense. It may be natural to want to work on your relationship’s problems, but the actual relationship work is a lot more difficult. Make sure you and your spouse don’t have any “rainbows and butterflies” misconceptions up front.

10. The Maintenance Text is now flawless.

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As a result of this endeavor, there is some positive news: Not everything has to be excruciating. The “maintenance text” is a sign that you and your (perhaps future) fiance recognize the importance of being considerate of one another. The purpose of a maintenance manual is not to share information. As a matter of fact it simply states “Hi, this thing reminded me of you, which made me smile, and I care enough about making your day brighter to tell you.” Those that are the funniest use inner jokes or GIFs.

11. You’ve got your financial house in order (ish)

The food looks disgusting. Money is at issue here. Sadly, it’s one of the most common causes for couples to argue. Getting married does not necessitate being a Bill Gates–rich couple, but it does necessitate being able to freely discuss your joint and individual #MoneyMoves.

12. You’re Interested in Sharing Your Interests with Your Partner.

As a fly fisherman, you’ve never had any ambitions of becoming one. In other words, if you buy waders and a rod because your friend loves cooked trout, you’re in big trouble, and we don’t just mean in a frigid river.

13. One Another Is Still Revealing New Things to You

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Although there will be periods of boredom and monotony as a couple, the fact that you’re still uncovering delightful discoveries about each other after a long period of time together is a positive sign for the future.

Before your mom, you’re naming them as your emergency contact!? Make a reservation. You’re good to go.

14. All of These Signs Apply to You and Your Partner.

When it comes to marriage, it’s not a one-for-one agreement; both of you have to go through the ups and downs together.


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