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Signs to Identify a Serial Dater in an Instant

Signs to Identify a Serial Dater in an Instant

Going on dates with people who have a history of being unfaithful to their partners and then falling in love with them can be mentally and emotionally draining. One of the telltale indicators of a serial dater is their aversion to long-term commitment.

To put it simply, a serial dater is someone who has numerous dates yet never commits to a relationship. If they’re incapable of committing, they’re either mentally ill, or there’s something really wrong with them. This is why it’s critical to recognize the telltale indications of a serial dater before moving further with a relationship and risking falling in love with them.

You may think that men are the only ones capable of serial dating, but this is also true for women. If you choose to keep things traditional on your dates by having the man pay for the meal, you may encounter certain women who are only interested in the free food.

The definition of a serial dater can make it difficult to determine the difference between a serial dater and a player. A serial dater is someone who isn’t interested in committing to a single relationship for an extended period. Because of their commitment or desertion concerns, they don’t limit themselves to one person.

To avoid being rejected or abandoned, serial daters and game players would often break up with you first before doing the same to you. Their inability to commit gives them authority and amusement, even if it means raising your expectations and squandering your time and energy on dates.

You might save yourself a lot of time if you pay attention to these serial dater indications.

He or she is eager to set up a meeting.

Serial daters, by and large, aim to date as many people as they can. Instead of getting to know you, they’ll be more interested in going on a date right immediately. In other words, they don’t mind if you take your time getting to know them at the beginning.

Since the only thing that matters to a serial dater is getting out on a date, they’ll skip steps to get to that portion of the connection. If, after only a few conversations, they seem eager to go on a date, it’s possible that they are a serial dater.

They shun in-depth discussions.

Serial daters are purely motivated by the desire to date. That means they won’t have any significant conversations with you. They’ll probably keep things basic. This means they’ll chat about things that aren’t too personal, such as small talk or issues that keep them from connecting.

You merely have a basic knowledge of them.

Another way of saying what I said above. If they don’t ask you any intimate questions, you can be sure they won’t tell you anything personal about themselves.

They’re not going to talk about how they feel about you.

So why would they? In their nature, commitment isn’t an option, and you can’t alter the realities. Do you know how they really feel about you, even though they say they think you’re wonderful and beautiful?

If this isn’t the case, they may be unwilling to discuss it since they don’t want anything more than a fling.

They prioritize having fun above all else.

If you find yourself wanting more and going on dates that are more emotionally intimate, you may be dating a serial dater, whose sole goal is to have a good time. Dating them is a waste of time since they go out of their way to avoid emotional or mental intimacy from occurring. On their dates, they want to have a nice time.

They’re only interested in how you two interact physically.

Even if someone is merely looking to date and not go serious, you can still have a strong physical connection with them. Because that’s all they’re looking for, this is the case. Because they are unable to provide you with other forms of closeness, they primarily focus on giving you physical intimacy.

I think they’re very adorable.

People who only date have a lot of practice. Actually, they’ve had a lot of practice. Even the most unattractive people have the ability to enchant. As a result of their ability to exude charm, they attract a lot of attention. What they don’t realize is that they’re in a relationship with a person who is unable to commit to anything long-term.

They promise great things.

Also, they’ll rarely or never follow through on their commitments to do something. They may say they’ll take you to all these wonderful places and arrange for wonderful dates in the future, but in reality, they don’t follow through on their promises.

They’re only interested in getting people’s attention.

It’s important to remember that serial daters will go to great lengths to attract attention. Maybe they’re pleading for pity or acting to be depressed in order to get the attention of many individuals.

They deliberately stifle the bond.

When a relationship remains stagnant, it’s one of the most depressing things that can happen. The problem is that serial daters deliberately do this in order to make you give up on the relationship.

It’s impossible to commit to one person or one relationship for long periods of time for a serial dater. They’ll go to any lengths to get a chance to meet you, even if it means putting themselves in danger.

If you’re dating someone, be on the lookout for someone who has a history of flings. It’s best to walk away if you’re seeing someone who has a lot of these indications than risk hurting yourself in the long term. Remember, they’ll never commit to anyone.

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