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Signs You Are a Sapiophile

Signs You Are a Sapiophile

A sapiophile is a person who is drawn to intellect and wisdom. Keep reading to learn more about the specific characteristics of a sapiophile.

Some of the most obvious indicators of being a sapiophile include being attracted to someone who exhibits even the tiniest hint of intelligence rather than their physical appearance. If you identify with any of these characteristics, you may be one of us!

Someone who is a sapiophile is someone who values intelligence above all else.

Then you’d rather explore another person’s thoughts than their body, if that describes you. However, this does not imply that a sapiophile would never be swayed by a person’s physical attractiveness.

However, it’s a person’s intelligence and outlook that piques their interest in them on both a sexual and a romantic level. This is why, when dating a sapiophile, they prefer to have meaningful and deep talks rather than engage in superficial chit-chat.

They may not show it, but sapiophiles are intelligent and knowledgeable people, thus they look for a partner who shares their interests.

When it comes to small talk or useless conversations, they’re the complete opposite of superficial. The secret to winning their love is in their head. As a result, the most important thing is to cultivate mental intimacy.

How to tell if a person is a sapiophile based on the most visible indications.

People who are sapiophiles, also known as sapiosexuals, are attracted to intelligence beyond all else. It’s true, they’re enamored with physical attractiveness. The quality of someone’s mind is more important to them than their physical attractiveness when it comes to finding a companion.

While attraction to intellect has been here a long time, the labels sapiosexuality and sapiophilia have experienced a spurt of popularity in online dating profiles. However, how well-versed are the general public in its implications? A sapiophile exhibits certain characteristics.

It’s safe to say that you’re a well-informed individual in your own right.

When it comes to chemicals, we learned in chemistry class that “like dissolves like.” applies. Similarly, sapiophiles are drawn to other sapiophiles. Those with a high level of intelligence have minds that are far more complicated than the typical person’s.

Because of this, understanding their social preferences and behaviors might be difficult for those with cognitive levels lower than their own. Simply put, they find less intelligent individuals boring. A sapiophile may appear to others to be out of their league or have unrealistic expectations. When it comes down to it, sapiophiles are just looking for someone who can relate to their thoughts and feelings.

Like the ordinary person, you yearn for a sensual encounter.

Sex isn’t the only thing sapiophiles crave. Sexting isn’t the only thing that excites them intellectually. Sapiophiles are prone to spend their dates delving into a variety of intellectual pursuits, including science, politics, the arts, and literary criticism.

You’re seeking a person who is capable of participating in a conversation on their own.

It doesn’t matter if they’re your in-laws, that annoying neighbor, or that other friend with the crazy political ideas. The sapiophile wants someone who can talk to a variety of people and express their own opinions without fear or prejudice.

You’re easily turned off by a lack of knowledge.

In the course of your day-to-day life, you’ll encounter men and women who are overly arrogant or superficial. No matter how attractive and fashionable they become, you always feel the urge to flee rather than be with them. You’re more interested in how intelligent, and well-informed someone is than how attractive they are.

What they have on their bookcase is more interesting than what they wear.

Sapiophiles adore a well-rounded book. Aside from that, things aren’t over yet. The titles you read are scrutinized by the ordinary sapiophile. Vampire fiction, or some tough non-fiction that university academics wouldn’t even bother to open, is your preference? To a bookworm, books are a great topic for a lengthy discussion. Expect that if you’re not a reader, sapiophiles will already have an opinion of you.

You prefer folks with a taste.

Okay, so taste is a matter of personal preference. For a sapiophile, they are looking for someone who shares their taste in books. Instead of following trends in fashion, music, and ideas, sapiophiles favor persons who have formed their own personal preferences in these fields.

In the same way that the Jedi mind trick can only affect the weak-minded, trends can affect those who are open-minded. A person’s intellectual standards determine whether or not they are interested in anything, and this can be determined even before they meet that individual.

Instead of being attracted to folks who crave fame, you’re more drawn to those who have a lot to say.

The number of “likes” and “following” that individuals crave on social media wouldn’t matter much to sapiophiles. There is a preference for people who speak up on issues that matter. Instead of going with someone who says yes only to please the mob, they go with someone who has unpopular but accurate opinions. They don’t give a damn about their social standing, reputation, or public persona. They only worry about the important things in life, like education and acquiring new skills.

You’re naturally curious.

Curiosity and intelligence go hand-in-hand. You should lookout for a sapiophile’s inquisitive character as a warning indication. To gain a better understanding, they’ll bombard you with inquiries. It’s not that they’re detectives, but they’re really interested in expanding their knowledge and learning new things. Their mental faculties are also performing to their fullest ability at this point. Sparks fill their brains when they’re learning.

To “pretend to be dumb” is not something you find amusing.

A sapiophile would never try to be someone they aren’t just to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Because of this, people recognize that their innate intelligence and insight are assets rather than liabilities. For their own sake, they’d never pretend to be stupid only to make people feel better about themselves.

You’re always eager to discover new things.

Despite popular belief, sapiophiles are not total snobs who think they know everything. They are aware that they do not possess all of the world’s knowledge, they are grateful when someone corrects them or informs them of something they were unaware of.

They are eager to learn and would welcome any opportunity to do so. A person who corrects them or forces them to learn quickly becomes an instant hero in their eyes.

You’re sparked from the mind.

Dirty language, flirting, and physical foreplay are some of the most common ways that other people are roused. As a sapiophile, you’re able to get excited by the thoughts of others. A sapiophile is attracted to you as soon as you get inside their head.

It’s game over for any potential relationship the moment you lose that mental intimacy or connection with them.

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