Afraid of Commitment

6 Signs You’re Afraid of Commitment

Many people are not aware that they can be afraid of commitment. Learn if you are and how to overcome it.

Belonging in a committed and long-term relationship can bring happiness to some people while causing anxiety to others. There are some people who truly have phobias or anxieties about commitment thus, we may be blaming a failed relationship on their “fear of commitment” in vain.

This isn’t a reason to be scared of becoming involved with someone or being in a relationship. Becoming aware of your fear of commitment is an important first step in conquering this emotional roadblock. Keep reading for six indications to look out for whether you’re in a relationship or even if you’re unsure if you are or not.

Look at these Signs if you Afraid of Commitment

You’d rather be relaxed all the time.

Casually dating someone from time to time doesn’t necessarily mean fear of commitment, which is why the keyword here is “always.” Is your primary goal, for example, meeting new friends or learning more about your new city? If so, you may not be interested in putting an effort toward a long-term connection with this person.

Consider why you’ve never felt the urge to date someone long-term rather than just going out to dinner once in a while and calling it off after a few months if this is the case.

You’re Afraid of Getting Hurt

With the hot-stove rule, people who are apprehensive about commitment can approach their relationships. Before we lose your attention, we’d like to explain. This is the notion of psychologist Douglas McGregor, who believes anyone who gets burned when they accidentally touch a hot stove learns not to do it again. To prevent being harmed again, persons who have been metaphorically burnt by a prior spouse may steer clear of serious romantic relationships going forward.

People who have experienced infidelity in the past may fear that their new relationship would cheat on them in the same way they fear their ex did. This concern may cause them to avoid spending time with their new spouse altogether. Fears and anxieties that they may be telling the truth come from a point of insecurity stemming from your unfaithful ex’s betrayal. After a heartbreaking breakup, learning to trust new people again might be a challenge, but it is doable.

Self-inflicted wounds are your own fault

You may also be the one who ends relationships rather than them ending on their own, which is another sign. Some people who do this feel bad about harming both themselves and their companions. It’s far more complicated than that, however. As an example, if you’re so pleased in your relationship that you’re afraid it won’t endure any longer, you might do something that causes the relationship to implode rather than wait for the inevitable.

Convinced yourself that you don’t want to make a mistake

You must first analyze your own definition of commitment in order to determine if you’re terrified of it or just fearful of it. A lot of the people who say they don’t want to commit are actually afraid of making the leap and have convinced themselves that commitment isn’t something they really want. You can spend the next few months or years focusing on your career if that’s what you’re good at and you want. A strong fear of commitment may develop if you use your profession as a shield to avoid making a commitment to someone.

To avoid making a hasty decision because things aren’t working out with the person you’re seeing, take a step back and consider asking yourself whether you’re with the wrong person.

You’re not willing to share your feelings.

Share your sentiments with people if it’s tough or uncomfortable for you. These feelings may be linked to your inability to commit to individuals who care about you (and whom you care about) if you’re aloof or chilly. It’s important to be vulnerable and honest with your partner in order to have a healthy connection. It’s not a good idea to be in a long-term relationship if you’re terrified of this.

Other People’s Flaws Easily Spotted

You may be in a relationship with a wonderful person who treats you in a way that makes you happy, yet you tell yourself that something is wrong with them. Whatever your dislike for their friends or their habit of taking up too much space in bed, you’ll have plenty of excuses for keeping this relationship from becoming too serious.

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