Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

Simp: The Generation Z’s New Nice Guy

We’ve all heard the term “the nice guy,” but what about “simp”? What exactly is a simp, and how does one become one? The simp: the Generation Z’s new nice guy.

Like me, you’ve probably never heard of Gen Z unless you’ve somehow found your way onto TikTok.

What does the word ‘simp’ mean?

Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

Let’s start with an understanding of what we mean. If you type “simp” into a search engine, you’ll get the definition “a silly or fool.” However, in this case, a ‘simp’ does not indicate that. I know exactly what a “new-age simp” is and what they look like.

To be a simp is to treat someone with respect and kindness solely for the sake of beginning any type of love or sexual relationship with them.

Most of the time, these are those who are friend-zoned.

In the literal sense, I’m saying this. We consider Simps our best pals. However, even when the other person does not see the simp as anything more than a friend, the simp believes that they are worthy of moving beyond friendship into something passionate and/or physically intimate.

A simp is dishonest.

Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

It is possible for a friendship to turn into something more than just a friendship. That’s not the case here. Someone who pretends to be a buddy in order to sneak into someone’s trousers is a simp. Even though they’re friends, a guy can pay for his female friend’s ice cream, for example. However, he simply does so in order to initiate contact.

Both sexes can benefit from it.

The term “simp” and the act of “simping” are equally applicable to men and women. At the very least, it’s gender-neutral.

Even though they didn’t want to be friends, they ended up being one.

But here’s the thing: all that a simp really means is that you consider someone a friend. But the simp also had no desire to be friends with anyone. These actions were solely intended to amplify their underlying motivations. That is to say, they were dishonest in their pursuit of a friendship.

Simplify things, Simps!

Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

Simping is the act of acting like a simp or acting in a simp-like manner. As a result, what exactly constitutes a simp? “A man who places himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in the hopes of winning them over, without the female putting anything to the table,” according to Urban Dictionary. 

That is to say, he believes that just because he is polite, that automatically qualifies him for sexual favors.

Respecting someone doesn’t earn you any brownie points.

Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

In actuality, show compassion and courtesy to everyone you meet. Respecting another person does not entitle you to anything from that person. Because you want to, you regard and treat them with respect and care. It’s not because you’ll get anything in return.


It doesn’t work with everyone.

Simp: The Generation Z's New Nice Guy

‘Simp’ isn’t a catchphrase for everyone. Many men and women have non-sex-based platonic relationships with people of the other sex gender. People, it is possible to have platonic relationships.

If you’re a scumbag, get over this notion. Ending up losing is a certainty. If you want to be someone’s buddy, then make an effort to be that person’s friend. Having a sexual relationship with someone is not friendship if you simply focus on getting what you want from them. In any event, you’re nothing but an imposter.

Simps, on the other hand, do exist. In spite of my desire for the existence of no such thing as “Simps,” there are those who believe that they can meet their sexual needs only by first pretending they are their friend. They’ll make a move because of their friendship. That’s not cool at all.

That’s why you need to keep your guard up for a Simp: The Generation Z’s New Nice Guy.

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