Smooth and Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

Find out how to make use of what you already know to ask your crush the correct questions. You can learn what they think of you from the responses they give you.

Self-help books and dating advice columns advise readers to be genuine and to ask their crush how they feel. It is not your primary defense, and we are here to tell you that. You can actually ask them a set of questions that can give you the best insight on how they regard you – as just- buddies or maybe more.

Methods of reading minds

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If mind reading were an available superpower to the masses, there would be no need for this feature. You’ll just have to resort to the mundane alternative—reading into things—since only the super-secret elite and the fantastical possess such power.

Body language, micro-expressions, and important tells have been shown to reveal a person’s inner thoughts. Before making any assumptions about a person’s mental processes, you need to devote a great deal of time and effort to studying these techniques.

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The straightforward approach can be accessed from the comfort of your own home via their social media profiles. People’s Facebook profiles reveal a lot about them, from their likes and interests to their public images and communication to the music they listen to. People tend to communicate their opinions using Tweets and show their experiences using Facebook and Instagram.

We’re not suggesting you spend hours poring into every detail of their internet existence, but it will help to keep tabs on what they’re up to every so often. The smallest thing you observe may spark a lively discussion. Who can say? Your initial move in what can become a lifelong partnership.

How to tell whether a crush likes you by asking the right questions:

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You probably want to know if your crush likes you, so we came up with a list of questions you may ask to find out. You can learn about their intentions toward you from the way they respond to you.

My favorite band is called (insert name here), are you familiar with them?

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Initially, you should inquire as to what genres of music they enjoy most. After they respond, you might ask whether they are fans of an equally indie band in the same genre that you enjoy. Find a band that your crush hasn’t heard of if you don’t like any that are particularly obscure.

They’re into you …

if they admit they’ve never heard of the band before but would be down to check them out at some point, ideally with you. They like you even if you don’t invite them if they go out of their way to discover the band and tell you what they think of them.

Not if… 

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They simply answer yes or no and end the conversation there.

Have you heard about that unheard-of spot on the opposite side of town? 

Check with them to see if they’ve tried the cuisine at that new restaurant you found in an unexpected place. Recommend the Thursday night Chef’s Special to your friends and family because it’s delicious.

If they invite you out to eat with them, that’s a good sign.

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If that’s not the case, they can inquire as to your preferred cuisine preferences. It’s a positive indicator if your crush asks about your preferences in music and movies.

Not if…

People will often inquire about the location’s address while gushing about how much someone else would enjoy visiting.

I almost failed at that exercise; how did you do it? 

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Determine the area of study or workplace specialty in which they shine. Explain that you’ve been stuck on a certain task that falls inside their expertise, and that you’re desperate for some advice.

If they volunteer to teach you …

…about it or tutor you while you get coffee together, that’s a good sign. They might not ask you out right away, but they might try to find a reason to chat with you more in the future by bringing up this subject.

Not if… 

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They pass you off to someone more competent in the field.

In what ways should I approach this new hobby? 

Try something new, or bring up a pastime that your crush shares with you. Make them answer any question you have concerning their interest.

It’s a good sign if they want to include you in their pastime by inviting you to join them. 

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They may also be able to provide you with information that will prove useful even while you are apart. If they are overjoyed by your participation, you may need to devote all your time to it or acknowledge that you were just curious.

Not if… 

They fill you in on some details about that interest, and how much fun they had the last time they participated. I’m afraid that’s all there is to it.

Tell me, what kind of person do you like? 

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Saying that you might have a crush on them and that you would really like to hear their opinion on the matter is a subtle way to hint at your sentiments without completely blowing your cover.

You’ve got their favor if you and the person they’re describing are virtually interchangeable. 

They may like you if their answer shows signs of embarrassment, such as stuttering, blushing, or laughter. It may also signify that they are aware of your affection for them. Inconclusive as it may be, it represents progress in the right direction.

Not if… 

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They give you an honest description of someone who may be your complete opposite. It’s possible they’re describing someone with whom they’re familiar; on the other hand, they could be just making light of your unexpectedly difficult query by pointing out the parallels.

Are you currently in a relationship? 

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Another blatant inquiry, but queries like “tell me you love me or not” are only a prelude to what you actually want to know: how they respond to the query.

Even if they insist they don’t like you, people often assume that you are interviewing for the position being questioned about when you pose a question like this. They will seize the occasion to tell you how they feel about you (or at least drop hints if they are single) if they like you. Creating your own openings for success is crucial.

If the answer to your query is “yes,” then they don’t. 

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If they’re single and not actively seeking a partner, they may share some of the reasons why. One possible response is that they simply haven’t met the proper person yet.

You can get a feel for whether or not your crush likes you by asking the following questions, but you shouldn’t take the answers as gospel. Their responses and explanations could signify a variety of things.

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The greatest approach to figuring out if your crush likes you is to receive their attention and affection. If nothing seems to be clicking and they don’t seem interested in getting to know you better, you may need to take the lead and let them know how you feel.

You can use these flirty questions to ask your crush to subtly hint at your feelings. Maybe if you drop a subtle hint, your crush may finally tell you that he has feelings for you.

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