Social Media Mistakes Couples Should Stop Doing

11 Social Media Mistakes Couples Should Stop Doing

Social media has become the generation’s way of expressing themselves. However, it’s crucial to be aware of social media mistakes couples should stop doing. With all the things you can say about your relationship, which ones should you refrain from sharing or posting to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings?

With all the ways people can lose their privacy these days, it’s unsurprising how much information they share with the world. Privacy doesn’t mean much or anything at all. Not everything can be shared with everyone, and some things shouldn’t even be shared with people on your social networks.

Couples Do Stupid Things on Social Media

We all know that one couple that makes us feel like we are already a part of their relationship because we see everything they do. Small things like how they look when they wake up, or what they’ve been feeding their dogs or each other. Here are just a few things that couples should stop doing on social media.

They always say these words to each other, but instead of saying them, they write them on each other’s social media profiles.

Have you ever seen a post with too many “I love you” or “I miss you”? It seems like they don’t see each other every day and don’t have time to say these things to each other. And if they get tired of typing it, they find pictures or memes with these words, which is kind of worse.

Come on, guys, you pretty much live together, so it wouldn’t hurt to say these things out loud instead of typing them on social media. Everyone knows how much you two love each other. We get it. It’s fine to see it on a birthday, Christmas, or other special days, but it’s really annoying to see it every day.

Their profiles only show their faces; no one else is there with them.

Have you ever come across a couple who only posts selfies of themselves together? We get pictures of their faces, and only their faces, even though they say they are having a great time at the beach or in Paris. Or, let’s say they’re having dinner at a fancy restaurant, but again, we only see their faces crammed into that 3-by-3-inch square, not the food or the restaurant.

Even though couples shouldn’t stop taking pictures of their faces, they might want to think about how everyone in their social network is probably sick of seeing their faces.

Every single thing that happened in their day, no matter how small.

Sushi and maki were on the menu for dinner. They didn’t remember to buy pillows. They didn’t know that the girl had her period and needed to get to the store quickly. They didn’t get sexually intimate last night, so the guy is in a pretty bad mood today. They use social media like a diary and always update it, no matter what they do or where they are.

We could almost follow them.

Worse, they share too much private information that makes us, their followers, want to cringe. When it comes to what information couples share online, there needs to be a line drawn.

MrandMrsHopelesslyinLove owns this account.

There’s no reason why these couples only have one social media account since they have joint accounts. You never know who posts what, who will see your message, or who posts the comments.

We get that you and your partner are so open with each other that you don’t mind getting messages meant for your partner but reading them anyway. But even though you are already married, your individuality and privacy should be respected. Each of you is still free to live your own life.

The other person in the couple has a strange reaction to a photo of the other person with someone of the opposite sex that was tagged.

We’ve all seen this more than once. The man is tagged in a photo with a woman who is not his girlfriend or wife, or vice versa. And guess who is the first to respond or comment with something sarcastic? Obviously, the girlfriend or wife. And after ten minutes, we’d see that it had turned into a full-on online fight, with both of them airing each other’s dirty laundry.

The world is bad enough as it is, with wars and deaths on the horizon, so please take your small fights to the bedroom, where no one can see them.

When the fighting is over, what happens?

Obviously, they make up! And what do they have in common? In the same thread online. With a lot of sorrys, “I love yous,” and promises that they wouldn’t fight again. Can we block them right now?

People seem to rant the most on social media these days.

Where are all your friends? What happened to those people you could call or talk to when you were upset with your partner? Did you already forget them?

Often, one person in a couple will post a rant about how their partner has made yet another huge mistake and how they can’t forgive them this time. We now know a lot about all of the bad things that their partner has done. Wow. This sounds more and more like a soap opera, don’t you think?

Social media still seems to be the most popular way to rave these days.

On the other hand, we can also see all the good things the other half has done. As much as these people complain about bad things, they also rave about good things. It will mean more if you tell your partner how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you rather than posting it on your social media profile.

Post intercourse selfies.

Does this even need to be explained?

As you look through your newsfeed, you see that a man wrote a lot of nice things about a woman or that a woman did the same for a man.

At first, you’ll think it’s so sweet that this guy proposed to this girl on her social media profile. But wait. What? Shouldn’t this be done face-to-face? But a few minutes later, the woman answers with a capital YES! How cheesy to the nth degree!

As you scroll through your newsfeed again, you see that someone has written really rude things to their partner and then said at the end that they want to break up.

This is embarrassing for both parties, and again, this should probably be done in person. Everyone will now know why they broke up, and if that wasn’t enough, everyone would also know why they broke up in a bad way.

Milestones in a relationship are very important, and each couple should be thankful for the other person in their lives. But this appreciation should be private and not done online in front of the whole world. It should just be between the two of them.

It’s easy to get caught up in social media, which is like an online diary. But if you really think about it, wouldn’t it be so much nicer to get a message in person than to get a notification on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

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