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Stages and Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety on a First Date

Stages and Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety on a First Date

As the anticipation builds for a first date, butterflies in the stomach are normal side effects of the adrenaline rush. Emotions like this are likely recognizable to many who have experienced dating anxiety.

First date jitters don’t mean you’re a bad person just because you’re feeling a little nervous. Your emotions are out of control, and you’re anticipating something exciting. Dating anxiety is a term for this. Knowing that you could end up in a long-term relationship with this person makes dating thrilling.

When you put yourself out there in the dating scene, you might discover more about who you are and what you are looking for. That is, after all, the point of first dates. Removing those you’re not interested in favor of those you might have a future with.

That you’re going on a date with someone who could turn out to be your future significant other is what’s making you nervous!

Concerns we have when going on our very first date.

Do you feel nervous about the date ahead of time? There is no need to be alarmed; these sentiments are frequent!

Outfitting oneself.

When picking out a first date dress, Cher in Clueless has an incredible collection of clothes, but you don’t have that kind of luxury.

The process of picking what to dress is one that we’ve all experienced. We put on so much clothing that it’s impossible to keep track of them all, continually glancing at ourselves in the mirror to see how we seem.

When it comes to picking out an outfit for a first date, there’s a simple tip you can use: take a picture of yourself in the outfit you’re contemplating. Take a look at the image to see if you agree. If you don’t want your picture on it, don’t wear it! This is it.

Breathe in and out.

We’ve all suffered from foul breath at some point. No doubt about it, we have also experienced the dreadful sensation and odor.

In preparation for a first date, most people brush their teeth at least ten times. During your date, you’ll doubtless be constantly checking to see if your breath smells.

It’s best to avoid anything with a lot of onions or garlic, stay away from anything with a lot of coffee, and avoid ordering tuna if you’re planning on having a first date kiss. In order to avoid bad breath, it’s best to avoid the following things. Keeping hydrated is also beneficial.

Fear of being cheated out of a chance to do something.

In movies from the 1980s, being stood up causes a lot of fear and anxiety. Nobody enjoys being left in the cold. It makes no difference if your date is scheduled to meet you or pick you up. Waiting for someone who doesn’t show up on time can feel like an eternity.

As long as your date is worth your time, they’ll either pick you up or meet you on time. They’ll phone or text you if they’re going to be late, and they’ll let you know as soon as possible. Get up and walk away from the person you’re going on a first date with if they don’t show up after 30 minutes and don’t tell you they’re running late. These people aren’t worth your time, much less a date.

Possibilities for kissing.

First date nerves revolve around whether or not there will be an end-of-the-night kiss, and if so, how it will feel. There is a lot of mental room taken up by this, yet it is necessary to remain cool and calm, and collected during your speech.


When it comes to a first date, embarrassment is a no-no. Things happen over which we have no real control. You don’t want to be the person who walks out of the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Also, you don’t want spinach trapped between your teeth as you’re having a lively conversation with your date.

You can’t avoid making mistakes in your job, no matter how careful you are about your methods. The best way to deal with an error is to simply laugh it off. At the very least, your date will know that you are able to laugh.

Narrow-minded critiquing.

Anxiety about going on a date might contribute to feelings of insecurity. One of the worst ways to deal with insecurity is to focus on your date’s imperfections in order to make yourself feel better. Nobody is perfect. Even if you have a list of criteria that the person you’re looking for has to meet, chances are you won’t come across them.

Think things like, “She’s got an awesome personality, but I’m not sure about her weight,” or “He’s pleasant, but he’s a few inches too short for my liking,” before going on a date with someone. Consider whether the issue is with your date or with yourself. After all, this is only the first date of the evening. After getting to know somebody, you may find yourself disregarding some of their perceived flaws!

Have fun when you’re dating. Even if you don’t end up together, all these feelings will be worth it if the first date goes well. Put yourself out there with confidence if you want things to happen!

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