Subtle Indications Your Husband Is Cheating or Trying to Cheat

Suspecting your husband of infidelity is a horrible experience. Maybe he’s been staying out later, is less available, and less affectionate since he started working overtime. Perhaps you have evidence against him, such as a text message or screenshot from his phone, or you just have a terrible feeling. It’s not always easy to spot the telltale symptoms that your partner is cheating on you.

It’s best not to jump to conclusions about why exactly your husband might be cheating on you. While a woman’s intuition is usually correct, there are several telltale signals to watch for as you weigh your options. 

Let’s start with the obvious question: what is cheating?

This may seem like a strange topic to ask, but in reality, everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes cheating and what does not. A kiss may be considered infidelity by some, while other couples may not see it that way at all.

Both you and your spouse should be aware of your definition. That way, there would be no room for ambiguity.

There are numerous guises through which one can cheat. Physical infidelity is well-known, but what about emotional betrayal? To be considered cheating, the act need not involve sexual contact, right? A passionate affair is often more devastating than a physical one for many people.

Is He Cheating on You? Hidden Clues That Your Hubby Is Unfaithful

If your husband has been secretive because he is organizing a fantastic surprise for you, the last thing you want to do is step in and accuse him of something fairly serious. Have faith; this did occur!

Similarly, you shouldn’t stay with a man who views you as a fool and thinks it’s OK to breach your vows for an extended period. See whether these warning flags relate to your husband and take action if necessary. 

1. His intense workouts in the gym

Irrationally starts jogging, swimming, or some other form of exercise. It’s great that your boyfriend is taking care of himself, but he can be up to no good if this isn’t something you’ve been encouraging or agreeing upon.

The question “Who is he doing this for?” may need to be asked if your hitherto slovenly husband suddenly begins pumping those weights like there is no tomorrow.

2. He avoids introducing you to his coworkers

He always goes out with his coworkers, but you have not met any of them after knowing him for three years. OK, some individuals don’t like mixing business and pleasure. Strange. 

It’s possible he’s trying to avoid you to continue his office romance with a female coworker. It may be something much worse, though.

3. His mood swings and anger toward you increase

It would help if you investigated the cause of any drastic changes in your husband’s personality. He may be taking his frustrations and feelings out on you because he feels guilty or unable to express them adequately.

4. He doesn’t like to spend time with just you

Your husband may be cheating if he suddenly becomes defensive about spending time alone with you. It indicates that he may have lost hope in your relationship and fears making a mistake if he spends too much time in quiet conversation with you.

5. He stops touching you completely

Do you both remember how you initially met? You guys were quite intimate, right? It’s time to look seriously at your relationship if the love has evaporated.

Holding hands, snuggling on the couch, exchanging knowing glances, and casually hugging one another are all signs of a healthy, intimate relationship. 

6. He never puts any thought into his actions

Did he formerly send you weekly love letters or flowers when he was away on business? Is it appropriate to inquire, “What has changed?” if he was formerly the considerate type but is no longer so?

Perhaps he has moved on to someone else.

7. He avoids making eye contact with you

He is trying to conceal something from you if he avoids eye contact.

8. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself

If he starts prioritizing himself and his friends and family over you and yours, he may have lost interest in the relationship and be cheating.

9. He has stopped discussing the long-term future

A devoted husband will look forward to building a life with you. A cheating husband, however, is aware that the marriage is doomed before it ever begins.

10. He is pretty secretive

Remember when he would tell you everything? He used to be open and communicative with you, but recently, he has become much more reclusive and mysterious. When you question him about his day, he doesn’t respond.

If he starts isolating himself, it may be because he has something far more significant to hide from you. (Here are 42 guidelines on keeping secrets in a relationship.)

11. He has a lot of driving to do

While specific careers need more frequent travel than others, if your husband’s business trips suddenly become much longer and he never invites you along, he may ask someone else.

He’s worked at the same company for ten years, but recently, his workload has doubled. He’s been staying late at the office and is often cranky and late getting home.

Unless there’s a compelling reason, it’s a red flag that he’d rather be with another lady than you. 

12. He requires more time alone

Weekends used to be spent plotting up exciting adventures, but now he rarely does any of those things. Something is wrong if he suddenly prefers being alone over spending time with you.

13. He started participating in several activities

He used to sit around and watch TV at night, but now he’s trying many other activities. Which means he will no longer be in your immediate vicinity.

14. He’s not the same in bed

If your husband’s sexual tastes have altered, it’s another red flag that he’s cheating on you. From whom is he taking these dance lessons? 

15. He erases his text messages

His phone constantly beeps, but there are no fresh messages when you check. This raises serious red flags. Almost nobody ever deletes their chats. 

16. He talks on the phone discreetly

If his phone rings and he quickly leaves, he may have a secret conversation with another woman.

Asking “Who was that?” and getting the reply “Oh, nobody” should raise red flags. If your lover has cheated on you, should you ever forgive them?

He’s given two phones by now. Which is more likely: that he’s cheating or turned into a dealer?

17. He created a second inbox

So, having multiple email addresses is acceptable, but the fact that he just recently created a new one is odd. Why bother?

If he has more than one personal email account, he wants to interact with more than one lady, which is a problem. If you don’t want to get harmed, 

18. His scent is distinctive

Anyone who has been married can describe her husband’s typical odor. Is there a new twist?

What To Do and How To Deal If Your Husband Is Cheating

If your suspicions about your husband’s infidelity prove correct, you should prioritize your needs before anything else. You are not required to act like this isn’t one of the worst things that could ever happen to you. 

Take your time talking to your partner or deciding about the future; instead, lean on your family and friends’ support system for a while. You are free to do whatever you choose at this moment.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “once a cheater, always a cheater”, though. You have no idea.

You would think that if you found out your partner was cheating on you, you would leave them, but you might not. You can only possibly know once you experience it for yourself. Be wary of who you put your trust in; here are 15 telltale signs of a traitor.

You should avoid acting hastily. You’ll recover from that loss all the more resilient.

Your trust and faith in love are too essential to be shattered by adultery. That is the single most crucial consideration. Humans are fallible, unfortunately. You may trust that karma will make things right even if it wasn’t an error.

You shouldn’t expect to get over being cheated on in one day. Use as much time and help as you need to get back on your feet.

Use these indicators to determine whether or not your husband is cheating on you. You don’t want to waste your life in a marriage without love or happiness, so find out if that’s the case and walk out if it is.

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