Telltale Indications Your Coworker Has Sexual Feelings For You

Found a new office sweetheart. Now all you want to know is if they feel the same way about you. Let’s figure out how to read the signals that indicate a sexual interest in you from a coworker.

Crushes at work are awesome. Knowing their existence alone can help you get through the day. They provide motivation to get out of bed and into clean clothes and maybe even a fresh hairstyle. Learning the signals a coworker is sexually attracted to you may not be in your HR manual, but you should learn them.

Learn to recognize the signals that indicate a sexual interest in you from a coworker.

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When I worked with male coworkers, I had a blast. Since I’m a major flirt, I make it a point to keep myself amused when I’m on the clock. But other than that, it’s a great pleasure to have a crush on a coworker. Dramatic little encounters make the day fly by.

That being said, eventually, something needs to happen. Having a long-term crush on someone inevitably leads to a climactic showdown. If you’re interested in pursuing things further, you should assess their level of attraction to you. Maybe you could just ask them out and see what happens, but where’s the fun in that?

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It’s time you figured out how to decipher the signs that a coworker is interested in you sexually. You’ll be able to evaluate the situation and decide whether or not to take action (which you should do regardless of the indicators). Let’s begin! For the simple reason that it suggests romantic feelings.

1. In other words, you experience it. 

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Yes, this is the single most significant indicator. Usually, you can sense whether someone is sexually attracted to you. However, there may be times when your instinct is off due to your attraction to the person in question.

It’s a general energy, the way they look at you. You can feel it throughout your body. You’d be right to trust your gut on this one, *but also pay attention to the other signs*.

2. Touching them is easy and natural. 

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We show our affection for another person through physical contact, humor, and subtle displays of sexual interest. You know you have good sexual chemistry when the response is mutual. But if you have to think twice before touching their arm or sitting next to them, then something is wrong. If it’s not happening organically, you don’t have the correct sexual attraction.

3. Everything occurs within the physical form. 

Your coworkers are typical humans, just like the rest of us. Their body language will reveal everything you need to know. There’s no mistaking their attraction if they constantly face you at work or sit quite near to you.

4. Each and every one of their actions at the office is designed to capture your interest. 

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They keep you apprised of everything that’s going on, whether they require printer paper or are having a conversation with a coworker. Why? Simply put, they are trying to get your focus. If you want to join in on the conversation they’re having with their friends, they need you to do two things: provide them with the printer paper and pay attention. All of this is designed to help you feel more connected to them.

5. The way you two talk is so natural. 

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The sexual attraction is more than just eye contact. A big part of this is also how you express yourself. Having long, in-depth conversations about topics other than work demonstrates a mutual attraction between you and your coworker. The attraction between two people might be sexual or nonsexual.

6. The mutual staring isn’t creepy. 

When you stare at each other, it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You’d rather jump them and rip their clothes off than anything else, but you’ll have to take it easy. When you hold eye contact, it’s a definite sign of sexual chemistry. However, a warning sign would be if you had a distinct impression that the person was a creep.

7. What you have to say is important to them. 

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If you’re excellent at what you do, they’ll listen to what you have to say no matter what. If someone likes you, they’ll start listening to what you say and supporting your views. These are oblique clues, but they can reveal a person’s true motivations.

8. You socialize outside of the office. 

It’s natural to bond with your coworkers and look forward to hanging out with them outside of work. But if you’re really into one other, you’ll schedule “coupley” time in your schedules. You’ll have a night out at the movies, complete with a meal and beverages. Do you two sound like “just friends” to me?

9. It’s a form of teasing. 

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It may sound silly, but it’s not entirely off-base. When someone gently teases you, they are probably interested in seeing how you react to the joke. They are probing your interest in continuing your relationship with them. Sexual tension is built through flirtation, and they test the waters to see if you will bite.

10. There are presents involved. 

I’m not referring to a microwave oven or a box with a festive bow. Gifts like these are more “office suitable.” For instance, they may supply you with a new stapler or coffee in the morning. These small acts may appear inconsequential, but they carry significant weight.

11. The presence of these people is constant.

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They never fail to materialize wherever you need them, be it in the kitchen or at your desk. They are persistent because they want a chance to interact with you. Try following them as they exit the next meeting you attend. They’ll probably follow you in a non-creepy way.

What do you think, now that you’ve seen the signals that a coworker is sexually attracted to you? Is this love all on one side? Does anyone else seem to like you?

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